Craigantlet (August 18th)

The Ulster A.C.’s Craigantlet Hill-Climb, a qualifying event for the R.A.C. National Championship, saw the pattern of events in this year’s Championship series take yet another change, with John Pringle (2½-litre Cooper-Climax) beating his own record for the 1,833-yard hill by nearly two seconds and in doing so defeating Arthur Owen, the current leader of this year’s Championship. The most striking turn of events was the performance of the bearded Peter Westbury, who very nearly won the Championship class with his V8 Daimler-engined Cooper and finished in second place, ahead of both Owen and Fielding (B.R.M.).

* * *

The Ogle Cooper 1000 is now available as a complete car due to co-operation from B.M.C. in supplying component parts. The price including purchase tax is £1,176 12s. 9d.