Reply from a sportsman

Mr. Roy Nightingale has replied as follows to the item "Do You Recall Them" that appeared last month and we congratulate him on his very fair comment: —

"I was interested to read your comments. Of course, I have never been a racing driver nor have I at any time pretended to be and I am very glad of the opportunity to repudiate such an absurd suggestion on the part of the Sunday Express.

"I have neither met nor Spoken to the lady who wrote the article and I can accept no responsibility for what she chose to write. I feel that these journalists are somewhat hard up for newsworthy comments to make about people in my profession and the fact that ten years ago I took part in some Club Meetings may have been transmitted to the writer of the article in question by my Agent for want of something better to say. But that doesn't make me a racing driver and I would like, through your excellent magazine, to repudiate the statement made in the Sunday Express and to apologise to that band of brave and skilful men who give so much for the prestige and honour of their country."