Lotus-Ford V8 again (Aug. 18th)

Driving one of the Indianapolis Lotus-Ford V8 cars, Jim Clark won the 200-mile race at Milwaukee (U.S.A.) against the cream of American professional track racers. Held over 200 laps of a 1-mile asphalt oval track, Clark stirred things up a short time ago when he tested the car and circuit, and raised the fastest lap speed from 105 m.p.h. to 110 m.p.h. As we go to press we understand he led from start to finish.

Floyd Clymer should be really impressed by European Road Races now, and if Jim Clark becomes 1963 World Champion he will be able to make-up for some of the statements that Clymer made about Fangio a few years ago.


1st: J. Clark (Lotus 29-Ford V8) .. 1 hr. 54 min. 53 sec.
2nd: A. J. Foyt (Offenhauser Special).
3rd: D. Gurney (Lotus 29-Ford V8).