A rare Peugeot


Enclosed are several photos of a Peugeot Baby Sport Model 172BS that I recently restored to original condition. This is a 1924 model (the same year your publication was founded), with carrosserie by Genets and Pinell of Paris, and was originally finished in French racing blue. After a complete mechanical overhaul, during which time all moving parts of the engine, transmission and suspension were disassembled, examined, replaced or refinished and reassembled, the “Baby” now delivers a smooth, steady 135 k.p.h.

I am planning to drive it from Venice, Italy, to Nancy, France via the St. Gotthard Pass. I have noted in the past that letters from your readers always bring forth interesting data and facts regarding vintage cars and I was wondering if anyone among your readers have ever owned a similar car and if they could pass on any information about it.

Edward J. Komyati (Major, U.S.A.F.).
Aviano, Italy.