Frazer Nash data wanted


It is hoped that before long a history of the chain-drive Frazer Nash will be published by MacDonalds and written by myself. It is to he hoped that when this book is published it will be as free from error as any book can possibly be.

In the mid-'twenties Archie Frazer-Nash used the Pluspower and the Anzani engine and I am very anxious to contact people who can throw additional light on to the following companies:British Anzani Engine Ltd., British Vulpine Co., Ltd., The Pluspower Engine Co., Ltd, and the early days of British Anzani Engineering Co., Ltd. What of course is primarily required is people who worked on the cars or in these works at this time who kept diaries or notebooks which they still have today so as to avoid the built-in errors that come through using the memory.

I am anxious to hear from ail owners of Nashes who owned their cars for more than three years and from those owners who did something noteworthy with their cars in competitions. When writing please quote all known data so as to avoid unnecessary letter writing, i.e., registration number, chassis number, etc.

It anybody has the original negatives or enlargements of interesting Nash photos, i.e., in competitions, which they think would make good photos for the book I should be only too pleased to consider them.

I am also very anxious to especially contact the following people, some of whom unfortunately will probably be dead by now: K. Pyman, E. Hillary, F. C. Folland, R. Twelvetrees, R. G. C. Schwalm, F. A. Jaques, H. W. Blaw, W. R. Nimmo, L. Butler-Henderson, J. A. Hall, T. Twentyman, C. Penn-Hughes, A. Gough. A. L. Marshall, A. G. Gripper, F. W. Oxley and M. T. V. Collier.

The one car I want to trace was PD3103, sold on May 9th, 1925, to presumably a Cambridge undergraduate called B. C. Wallace. If anybody knows of him or the car's subsequent career please do not hesitate to write.

Will all those people who have written to me over the years please note that my new address is 73, Eveson Road, Stourbridge, Worcestershire, and my 'phone number is Stourbridge 3808, and I do not now live in Glasgow.

The last part of the book will be registry of all Nashes ever made and all G.N.s existent, and no member of the V.S.C.C. can assume that because I have seen him and his car that I know everything about it; only letters provide this information and I have all the letters sent to me over the last eight years whilst I have been, as I am now,

David Thirlby,
Registrar of the Frazer Nash Section of the V.S.C.C.