Team Talbots


Might I be allowed to correct one or two inaccuracies in the otherwise excellent article on my friend Anthony Blight’s Fox and Nicholl Talbots, published on Page 613 of the August issue.

In the first paragraph of the article, it is stated that Anthony Blight bought GO52. and GO53 from me after I had “acquired theni and quickly passed them on.” This is so inaccurate that I feel I really must put the record straight.

I have never owned either GO52 or GO53. The cars I sold to Anthony Blight, after having owned both for nearly two years, were GO51 and APF999. the ex-Brooklands single-seater, later fitted with a saloon body for Arthur Fox’s personal use on the road.

At the time that I owned GO51, the whereabouts of GO52 was known to most people interested in the Team Talbots. GO53, however, was generally believed to be no longer in the land of the living and I am delighted to hear that Anthony Blight has unearthed it. In view of it’s long disappearance, the history of this car is far more interesting than any of the others. What it pity. therefore that 53 was not chosen as the subject of the article. But perhaps Anthony Blight can now he persuaded to tell us how and where he found the car and where it has been hidden for all these years.

I gladly concede that Anthony Blight’s staying power is far superior to mine. But I did spend a lot of money on both the Team Talbots I had, with John Bland and with others, so I should not like it to be thought that I acquired the cars with the “profit motive in mind” In fact. I sold both cars to Anthony Blight at a substantial loss.

Would you be good enough to publish this letter in your September issue.

Charles Mortimer.

[I apologise for confusing the Talbots sold by Mr. Mortimer to Mr. Blight. This only goes to show how complicated the matter is but the main thing is that all four are now in good hands and all will be restored.—Ed.