Veteran and Vintage Registers

Following many reader's requests for details of Veteran and Vintage Registers, we list below the first batch of marque and specialist registers. Others will be published as an when space permits.

A.C. Owners Club.—E. C. Martin, 8, The Paddock, The Droveway, Hove, 4, Sussex.

Alfa Romeo Section of V.S.C.C.—H. Roy Slater, 2, Ulleswater Villas, Ulleswater Road, Southgate, London, N.14.

Alvis O.C.—K. R. Day, 55, Motspur Park, New Malden, Surrey.

Alvis Register.—N. H. Johnson, 1, Chestnut Close, Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Amilcar Register.—Desmond W. Peacock, 27, Farnborough Crescent, Addington, S. Croydon, Surrey.

Andover and District Model Engineering Society.—A. L. Pittwood, 5, Hillbury Avenue, Andover,

Armstrong Siddeley O.C.—A.Langley, Parkside, Seascale, Cumberland.

Aston Martin O.C.—R. J. Stokes, 22, The Mall, London, S.W.14.

Austin 7 Club, Southend-on-Sea.—Mrs. F. Waller, 265, Bridgewater Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex.

Austin Seven Register, 750 M.C.—John Thorne, 1, Worthington Road, Tolworth, Surbiton, Surrey.

Austro-Daimler Register.—A. H. Gordon, 9, Oak Drive, Bramhall, Cheshire.

B.S.A. Front Wheel Drive Club.—C. H. Bryce, 90, Greenvale Road, Eltham, London, S.E.9.

Bean Car Club.—Capt. Rex H. Tapley, Hill Farm Lodge, Shurlock Row, nr. Reading, Berks.

A 200-MILE RACE REPLICA—continued from page 745

-calibrated up to 4,000 r.p.m. Before one there is the tapering aluminium bonnet, behind the seats the cylindrical 5-gallon fuel tank sunk in the tail. The big twin silencers have outlets facing down and outwards, no doubt to obviate concrete-dust being blown towards the chains, and tiny levers on each open cut-outs for use on the Track. The riding mechanic is kept busy attending to the two oil-pump handles which rise under his right buttock. Altogether, a splendid little car, of long, lean appearance, its lusty engine crackling its defiance of all Salmsons. . . .

It is excellent that Ron Godfrey himself has been to see the car and has been photographed sitting in it. To his help and enthusiasm Wing Cmdr. Craddock pays warm tribute, together with his appreciation of the valuable advice he has had from those two great enthusiasts, Basil Davenport and Stafford East.

*  *  *

Another most interesting G.N. relic which Craddock has rebuilt is the actual 1921 200-Mile Race T-shaft Akela engine out of Nash's car. It is quite remarkable that he heard of this engine in 1938, through a MOTOR SPORT advertisement, in Leeds, and that it was still there in 1963, when he was finally able to collect it.

The original cylinder barrels were beyond recall but modified Vitesse barrels have been fitted. A new crank of 75-ton steel, new cam-drive camshaft, etc., have been made and this historic engine is now in running order. There, I've had my fill of G.N., perhaps for another six years !—W. B.


Discoveries.—We hear that a 1919 Wolseley, sans radiator, and a 1929 Star are in danger of being broken up in Hampshire, while a circa 1928 Reo lorry is for disposal near Chester. A Chrysler 72, with a Chrysler 65 for spares, is offered free by a reader in Essex, while in the same county a derelict circa 1924 Armstrong Siddeley exists, converted into a farm truck. We also hear of two very decrepit old motorcycles, one a Levis, and a partially dismantled pre-war Riley, also a very sad Star. A whole batch of old cars is for sale at Vélines in the Dordogne, ranging from a 5-c.v. Citroen for 450 new francs to a 1914 Renault lorry at 3,000 n.f. A 1930 Morris Commercial and some old tyres are for disposal near Doncaster, and a Stutz with pick-up body in Cadnam, while we hear of two 10/23 Talbots and a Calthorpe light car which may be for sale, the latter found in the back of an old shop in South Wales. Letters can be forwarded.