Mille Miglia 1955

Following the showing of the recent "Mille Miglia" film by B.B.C. Television, and the ensuing criticism of this by Denis Jenkinson (Continental Editor of Motor Sport), who navigated Stirling Moss to victory in this spectacular race, we have received many requests from readers (some who missed reading it, and some who were too young to appreciate it) for a copy of his story.

Unfortunately, this particular issue of Motor Sport went out of print shortly after publication and, in spite of the fact that thousands of reprints of this article were put in hand, none are now available—so in order to meet the present demand, it has been decided to again reprint this article together with Denis Jenkinson's stories of his Mille Miglia attempts in 1956 and 1957 which could be called "How Not to Win Mille Miglia". The late Laurence Pomeroy and many others have rated these stories as the greatest pieces of descriptive writing ever to grace motor racing. So make certain now of obtaining a copy of these three very arresting and intriguing versions of this great race and send a postal order/cheque for 4s. 6d. (including postage) to Grenville Publishing Co. Ltd., Standard House, Bonhill Street, London, E.C.2, as soon as possible.