V-E-V Odds and Ends

V.E.V. Odds and Ends.ln Ireland a reader has purchased a circa 1908 20-h.p. Nordenfclt chassis, with a Type B Bariquand Marre engine. He requests information. In Gloucestershire a 1917 14-seater Dearborn ‘bus has been restored and took the road again for the first time since 1930, earlier this year. It was originally an export model shipped to Europe during the First World War for carrying American troops in France. It came to England and was sold at the Slough disposal ground and rebuilt in Swindon as a ‘bus. It was then used by a Bibury firm as a motor coach, pneumatic tyres having been fitted. It has now been fitted with its former solid tyres and repainted in correct livery. The top speed is about 18 m.p.h. The present owner says that no-one in America is interested in buying it.

A reader recalls his grandfather owning two cars in 1914, the first of which was believed to have been a 1906 Wolseley rebuilt in 1910 with James Reid coachwork. Later there was an Angus-Sanderson. The Wolseley is believed to have been sold within the last ten years and to be still in Aberdeen, while the latter, bought at the Motor Show, remained in the family until the 1950s, when it was disposed of. Do any Aberdeen readers know of these cars?