Miniatures News, September 1968

A new “Model of Yesteryear” by Lesney is always an event, and their latest is a splendid miniature reproduction of a 1912 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost landaulette to a scale of 48 to 1. Finished in red and silver, with darker red “upholstery”, this little model, although only 3¾ in. long, has the bonnet rivets, battery box, trumpet horn, head and side-lamps, r.h. interior control levers and acetylene generator depicted, and there is even an R.-R. badge and tyre treads. The rear lamp is omitted, however, and a spare tyre and rim suffice in place of a spare wheel, suggesting that this may be a Springfield-built car. The price of this Edwardian Rolls-Royce miniature is 6s. 9d. in this country and the reference you want is “Matchbox” No. Y-7.

Lesney also have a 2 5/8 in.-long Ford Cortina with steering, scale 62 to 1, No. 25, priced at a modest 2s. 0d., and a Mercury Cougar to a scale of 66 to 1, No. 62 in the series, at the same price, while those who collect models of commercial vehicles will be interested in the DAF tipper truck, No. 47, to a scale of 94 to 1, the DAF 6-wheeled girder truck, scale likewise 94 to 1, No. 58, and the 89-to-1 scale Foden 8-wheeled concrete truck, which is No. 21 and measures 3 in. in length. The price of all these excellent Lesney miniatures is 2s. 0d. each.

Corgi’s newest are a 3½ in.-long Commer 2300 holiday-camp ‘bus, No. 508, priced at 7s. 11d. and Gift Set No. 10, consisting of a miniature Marlin-Rambler fastback towing a camping trailer and carrying two 3½ in.-long kayaks. The total length of the model is 7 in. and it costs 12s. 11d. Mettoy Playcraft Ltd., makers of Corgi Toys, are organising a simple competition for under-14-year-olds, who call win for their parents a real M.G.-B GT; one of the Judges will be Paddy Hopkirk.W. B.