V.E.V. Miscellany, September 1969

If you have been wondering what Colin Crabbe has been doing with his 1937 G.P.-type Mercedes-Benz, he informs us that it is being rebuilt in the Baston Baptist Chapel which Antique Automobiles Ltd. use as a racing-car workshop. They were faced with the problem of replacing the old needle-roller bearings for the crankshaft and big-ends, in four different sizes varying its size from 8 to 18 mm., but Pollard Bearings Ltd. of Northampton agreed to make these, working night and week-end shifts with special tooling, and 300 bearings of each size are in hand. The chassis of this W.125 5.6-litre 646-b.h.p. Mercedes is being restored in Cambridge and when the rebuilt engine is united with it Colin Crabbe intends to race it at the 1970 V.S.C.C. Seaman Trophies Meeting at Oulton Park.

A 1928 Austin Twenty hearse was recently towed to Durham from the Swaledale undertakers where it had rested since 1954. L. V. Weeks is anxious to obtain any photographs of his Morgan three-wheeler which may have been taken at the 1965 Brooklands Re-Union. His address is 101, Shaehurst Lane, Hollywood, Near Birmingham, and costs would be met. Two R-type M.G. Midget racing cars with the Pomeroy/McEvoy twin-cam heads, one the ex-Ian Connell car, the other the original ex-Briault car, are being restored in Lancashire. Pre-war Morris affairs are ably looked after by the continued appearance of the Journal of the Morris Register, a large duplicated monthly magazine published by the Morris Eight Tourer Club which now incorporates the Morris 10/25 Register and whose Hon. Secretary is B. D. M. Hicks, 24, Boughton Lane, Loose, Maidstone, Kent. The Austin Seven Swallow Register sent a good wishes telegram to Sir William Lyons and his colleagues on the occasion of tracing the 100th Swallow Austin 7 and the next day he wired back congratulations. A Rosengart racing car, bought two years ago in France and painted blue with a French registration, has come to the notice of the R.A.C. and its history is sought. It is thought to be a 1932/3 car, now numbered 3911-QL-75.

Some silver cups won at Brooklands races and in hill-climbs with an early 3-litre Bentley by W. G. Barlow came up for auction its Surrey in July. Jack Hampshire is writing another book about his atraction engine memories.