"The Compleat Traction Engineman"

by E.E. Kimbell. 144 pp. 94 in. x 54 in. (Ian Allen Ltd., Terminal House, Shepperton, Middlesex. £2.50.)

There have been a great many books about traction engines but this one aims to sort out the technicalities, the different types and how they were used. It is rather more than just a beginner’s book because there is a discussion about which were the best engines in the different classes, the origins and development of the various manufacturers, driving methods and so on. While there is not a great amount of detail this is an excellent “sorting-out” book and one which will tell even confirmed traction engine enthusiasts more than they might imagine it would contain. I found the chapter on “Sorting Them Out” particularly rewarding, as the author’s opinion as to which were the leading engines in their respective classes. – W. B.


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