Common Market Comments



Sir, I am a British subject living in France, and I always look forward to receiving my monthly MOTOR SPORT.

I have just received my August edition and was very interested to read of D.S.J.’s experience with the Germany/Denmark ferries.

I have just returned from a holiday at home in England and unfortunately I had forgotten to bring my English cheque book with me. I didn’t make my reservation for the return journey in France, because at the time I wasn’t sure when I was coming back and from which port. I eventually reserved a place on a night boat from Newhaven, and arrived there with very little Sterling. I enquired if I could buy my ticket with either a French cheque or French Francs. The reply was negative, I had to cross the hall and change French money into English (Cooks taking a cut on the way, naturally) and then buy my ticket!

Yet in the French port, I have before now bought a ticket with an English cheque.

Personally I’ve been in the Common Market for the last five years and I’m still waiting for my compatriots to catch up.

Also whilst in England I enquired if I could insure my English registered car with a green card for six months, but the insurance company quoted a ridiculous price. In France on my return, my French insurance company raised no objections to insuring an English registered car (for as long as I wanted), and in France you get a permanent green card whether you ask for it or not. I thought England was supposed to lead the world in insurance.

Continue to produce good unbiased reading (a rarity these days).

Boissey le Chatel.

David G. F. Palmer