V to C miscellany, September 1987

The Brooklands Society souvenir book we recommended last month, which commemorates the eightieth anniversary of the Track, is available for £1.50 from the Society administrator at 48 Fortescue Road, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 9SB.

Although the caption for our General Strike picture (Motor Sport, July 1987) identified the car in the foreground as a 12/50 Alvis, we have since had doubts. In the old days we would have satisfied our curiosity by sending a fee of one shilling (5p) with the registration number (XT 2709) to the appropriate car-tax office, and they would have told as the make, and the name and address of the last-known owner. Since the advent of Swansea this is alas no longer possible, but if any reader has any ideas about this particular car we would be interested.

The Ford Model T Register has a three-day rally based on Llanwrtyd, Mid-Wales, from September 4-6.

We were disappointed to find 29 non Bugatti cars pictured at Prescott in the current issue of Bugantics, the journal of the Bugatti Owners Club. But perhaps this is preferable to having to endure Bugattis made in the late 1980s?

A recent Pre-war A7 Club Newsletter included a most interesting article about the Southport 100-mile sand races of 1927-37, events of considerable importance whose winners were Dan Higgins’ TT Vauxhall, Mays’ Vauxhall-Villiers, Thisilethwayte’s Mercedes, Selby’s Bugatti, Bartlett’s Salmson (twice), Simister’s MG, Stephenson’s A7, Goodacre’s Ulster A7, Tong’s MG and Billy Cotton’s MG. The article identifies all competing A7s, which is most impressive, the copyright belonging to MH Flower.

An ambitious run from Reading to Bognor is being organised as the “Autumn Amble” by area-sections of the A7 OC, for September 27th, starting at 9am and getting to Bognor around 2pm. The idea originated as an outing for disabled children, and it is hoped that this aspect can be revived. Spectators can see the cavalcade, between Bognor and Littlehampton, where prize-giving takes place. Details are available from: B Hughes, 2 Close End, Roberts Road, Hedgerely, Slough, Buckinghamshire.

Vintage Alvis cars attracted to the traditional turn-out at The Phoenix at Hartley Wintney (one-time home of the VSCC) this year numbered 32. They were supported by an HE.

The new president of the Bugatti OC is Jack Lemon Burton. WB