Bromyard Gala

On our way to VSCC Shelsley Walsh, we called in at the 21st Bromyard Gala in Hereford and Worcester, which has one of the finest displays you could expect to see at such a pleasant summer function anywhere in the country.

Sunday was the big day for the cars, but on the Saturday we saw a good number, ranging from John Carter’s fine 1911 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost two-seater, to a couple of Model T Fords. Others which caught the eye included Graham Probert’s Talbot 75 with the Roesch “traffic-clutch”, a Crossley Ten Torquay saloon, a 1947 Packard Clipper, Ford Prefects and a Model A, together with a Ford Ten tourer, a 1.1/2-litre RMA Riley, a water-cooled Morgan three-wheeler Super Sports, a notably smart Morris 10/4, and the usual variety of Austins from a couple of A7 two-seaters, through the 12/4s, to an 18hp Carlton saloon and an A30 towing in a Jowett Black Prince which had developed differential trouble.

It was interesting to note that another big American Mitchell has surfaced — John Smallman’s 1910 35hp Model-B, once the maker’s demonstration car, imported last year. As a guide to the respective popularity of the different types of exhibits, and discounting late entries, there were 115 historic cars, 86 vintage motorcycles, 48 historic commercial and service vehicles, 44 military vehicles, 26 steamers (some driven to the showground), 69 farm tractors and 104 stationary engines, all described in a commendably sensible programme. WB