Invicta Info

A little more information has come in about the low-chassis 4.1/2-litre Invicta (JJ 332) now owned by Dr John Robson in South Carolina, USA (Motor Sport, May 1988).

David Lewis tells us that he and his brother Charles were living in north Wales in the 1930s when Jack Elliot, a friend of Tony Rolt, brought down this Invicta along with a blower-4.1/2 Bentley; they tried both, preferring the Bentley but later buying the Invicta too. It was later rammed while waiting at traffic lights in Barnes by the Nicaraguan Minister's car — he claimed Diplomatic Immunity when asked to pay for the damage.

Before this, Charles Lewis had taken the Invicta to Pontresina in the winter of 1936-37, had broken his leg skiing, and had sent for his brother to drive the car home. They sold JJ 332 to the trade two years later. WB