Talbot Short Story

Mr Keir Helberg is hoping to identify a Talbot 105 which was found in Pennsylvania, USA (in a house which contained a GP Bugatti and a couple of A7s) and which has since been brought to England and roughly assembled by Ian Polson, to enable photographs to be taken.

The chassis has been shortened, so that the wheelbase is now 1.1/2in less than that of the shortest of the team cars, and narrowed by about 1ft. The radiator has been lowered by 5in and a Type 75 back axle is fitted. The engine and pre-selector gearbox are 105, and the front aide a late-type, also from a Talbot 105.

It is thought this may be the Talbot which the late Sydney Allard was building up as a trials car in London in the mid-1930s, after racing a Morgan three-wheeler, but which he abandoned in favour of a Model B Ford, followed by a TT Ford V8 and his well-remembered Allards. The car’s registration number, CYO 73, seems to tie in with this theory.

If anyone can add anything, the present owner. would be very appreciative. WB