Disability Representative Officer?


My visit to the British Grand Prix at Silverstone was indeed most enjoyable and I was able to meet many of my friends and acquaintances in motor sport organisations including a number of senior members of the RAC Motor Sports Association who, in fact, made my visit possible by providing me with the necessary documents for entry into the circuit whilst taking into account my physical diability of 'cerebral palsy' (athetosis) which at times places a restriction on my mobility.

Whilst I would like to take this opportunity of thanking the RACMSA staff for all their kind help in this respect, they are not totally perfect and have their faults. As they and many of my friends and acquaintances in the sport know, I spend many, many days each year marshalling and officiating at a variety of events for several clubs, yet, despite this, I am refused and rejected each year by the RACMSA for any duty at the British Grand Prix alongside my able-bodied counterparts and friends. Why? Because I am disabled! This can only be considered as blatant discrimination.

In conclusion I would ask the governing body to take a more positive view of disabled people. It is a known fact that they are looking at the issue of disabled drivers in motor sport, so why cannot they make an effort to recognise disabled officials? It already has several committees and executives, so what about an RACMSA/MSC 'Disability' Representative Officer?

Ronald Cottrell,

Rochester, Kent