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Only one reader correctly identified the mystery car with which Paul Frere challenged us in June. Paul says of the car : “It is a one-off ‘bitza’ built for Count Luigi Premoli. His Type 35 Bugatti had become obsolete, and he replaced the engine with an 8C Maserati, though lam not sure whether it was a 2500 or a 3000. Premoli called it a BMP (for Bugatti-Maserati-Premoli) and the Maserati-like radiator bore an appropriate badge.

The photograph was taken in Brescia in 1933 in the patio of a house of friends dating back to my father’s time, who still live in the same place and were relatives of Luigi Premoli.

The character at the wheel is me. . .

Before I was old enough to hold a driving licence.

I don’t think the car ever made the world stand up and take notice!”

Well, Motor Sport took notice in 1933, for that was where Mark Morris of Retford (with the help of C L Clark, pre-war GP Bugatti driver) found the machine mentioned. It ran at Shelsley Walsh that year, having been towed all the way from Milan. Congratulations to an attentive reader.