Jenks remembered part one...


I have followed the debate on the Letters pages referring the lack of coverage of current Formula One and other -contemporary motorsport. Having read MOTOR SPORT since the mid ’50s and seen the decline and now the re-launch of the magazine I, too, regret this move.

Had MOTOR SPORT not covered contemporary events in the ’50s there would have been no classic account of the Mile Miglia from Jenks. With your present policy where will the classic accounts come from in the future?

You have my continued support but I believe this policy to be short sighted.

Mention of Jenks always brings to mind a few letters we exchanged on the subject of alternators when I had the temerity to correct him about their operation. I was surprised to get a reply at all but I did and it was appreciative too.

Years later I introduced myself to him in the Paddock at Prescott and though again I must have been one of many to do so he was appreciative and took the time for a short chat. My lasting memory is him setting off for home on his motorcycle in his distinctive helmet with his beard sticking out of it.

It was Jenks whose Continental Notes were always the first thing I read and which inspired my ambition to own an E-Type which I’ve now enjoyed for 10 years. Thanks Jenks.

I am yours etc

Mike Rigby, Denton, Manchester