Please help us if you can — one of our trailers was stolen from our premises on the A52, outside Nottingham, early on Sunday July 7. It is a ‘Towa-van’ type trailer painted pale blue-grey and with a black cartoon Viking painted on the tailgate. The tailgate drops down to form a ramp and there is also a door in the offside of the trailer.

The trailer contained the stall and auto jumble stock of Meteor Spares Service, including 1000s of small rubber mouldings, e.g wiper spindle seals, door anti-rattle rubbers, bonnet corner rubber etc. Also long trumpet horns, ‘flying A’ badges for-140 pedal cars, restored Lucas wind tone horn bodies, wiper motors, trafficators, lamps, Rover piston sets and head gaskets, large Raleigh-manufactured bicycle saddles, spot lights, display case with Smiths, Jaeger, Watford and other clocks, ammeters, and fuel gauges; three 3-tier trolleys containing king pins, track rod ends, water pumps, grease guns and fire extinguishers; a Kawasaki generator, display board with photos of our Rover stock, Meteor Spares Service signs, stall sheets and clips and even the camp kitchen sink!

If you see, hear about or are offered any of the above please contact us immediately on 0115 981 122. It represents about 5 years work and the stock is valued at about £10-12,000. No insurance company would give us cover.

I am yours, etc

Sue and Mike Couldrey, Meteor Spares Service