Concours plus



Concours Plus is a new concept in classic car insurance from Hastings Direct. It allows classic car owners to give their treasured vehicles an even higher level of protection. It is a product designed for owners who have spent a substantial amount restoring their car and would like insurance cover that includes this cost as opposed to just covering the market value of the vehicle. Although this sounds like an obvious service for insurers to offer, Hastings Direct has highlighted this as a gap in the market.

John Tadman explains: “Classic car enthusiasts spend a great deal of time and money bringing their vehicles up to Concours condition. The valuation that is agreed when the vehicle is insured covers only part of this. Concours Plus insurance allows owners of Concours condition vehicles to cover the difference between the market value of the car and the amount spent overall on bringing it up to exceptional condition. We feel that this product Will prove to be of major benefit to many classic car owners.”

Hastings Direct hope that their innovative approach to classic car insurance will help preserve classic and historic vehicles well into the new Millennium.