The pride of Lyon

A reader sent me a jolly drawing of a Cottin et Desgouttes, asking if I know this make. I do, but it is worth recalling these cars, made from 1905 at Lyon, with showrooms in Paris. They were less known here, though by 1913 Lord Carbery had unsuccessfully raced a 5-litre 20/30 at Brooklands.

The post-war 3-litre C-D was a fast car, sold here by Cottin Commercial Cars in Hammersmith but not many can have come to England. By 1927 they were building smaller cars with all-round independent suspension, but price was against them.

Nor had the make been publicised much in racing, apart from class wins at the 1924 ACF Touring Car GP and in 1925 at Montlhery. That was about it, although in 1925 the great ‘Cupid’ Homsted drove a 3-litre at Brooldands, retiring from both races. During the war I discovered it had turned up at a Harrogate garage, with a new twoseater body. Also during the war another C-D was found, thought to be the Carbery car, whichlumbo Goddard acquired and restored. But where did these two examples of this rare French marque again vanish to, I wonder?