That's the way to do it, Formula One

A full grid of Thoroughbred GP Cars thrilled the crowds at Silverstone after this year's British Grand Prix and served as a reminder of how F1 racing used to be.

In a race that no-one seemed to want to win, Bob Berridge (Arrows A3), Duncan Dayton (Williams FW07C) and Martin Stretton (Tyrrell P34) took turns at the front of this high-speed history lesson.

Dayton and Berridge battled until a brush at Club left the Arrows with a dislodged nose. As the car became more difficult to control, Berridge dropped back into the clutches of Stretton, but that soon became the battle for the lead when Dayton became entangled with Tony Smith as he lapped the Williams FW06 and was pitched into the Stowe gravel bed.

That put Berridge back ahead, but Stretton was right with the ill-handling Arrows and moved ahead on lap 13 at Copse. A lap later it was Stretton's turn for trouble. "I'm embarrassed to say we ran out of fuel," he explained.

This time Berridge wouldn't be denied and he won from a last-lap battle between Steve Hitchins (Lotus 88B) and Freddy Kumschick (Williams FW07). They started the final tour side-by-side and Hitchins just took the place as the rare Lotus finally got to race at Silverstone, 20 years after it was prevented from doing so by the FIA. PL