Fry on the boil




In his article `Steep Thrills’ (August issue), Paul Fearnley failed to mention that Raymond Mays’ Shelsley Walsh period of record-holding with ERA R4D was finally broken by Joe Fry driving the `Freikaiserwagen’ — a twin-cylinder special built by his cousin David Fry.

It was a most exciting day. Fry broke the record by 0.04sec with an electrifying run. And then we waited tensely for Mays’ attempt. That wonderful ERA was on full song as he managed to lower his own best time by 0.02sec — but not quite fast enough to regain the record.

Joe was a friend of mine, and when I went to the paddock afterwards to congratulate him, I found him alongside Mays in the beer tent happily discussing the event I remember Mays saying, “Joe, I simply can’t go any faster.” And he never did.

I am, Yours etc,

Robert D Hodgson, Clarkston, Michigan, USA