Thoroughbreds cause a stir at British GP

The Silverstone Thoroughbred Grand Prix car race during the British Grand Prix weekend in July drew interest from several senior members of the current grand prix paddock.

“This is great. I haven’t seen some of these cars for so long,” said McLaren’s team co-ordinator Jo Ramirez as he stood in the TGP pitlane on Saturday afternoon.

“All these cars are driven hard. I remember the Williams FW07 as being a great car, though I have to say I’m sorry the McLarens aren’t quicker,” he remarked.

Ramirez wasn’t alone in being drawn to the spectacle of the former grand prix cars racing at Silverstone. Other modern-day F1 personnel ventured out of the garages to see the racing cars of yesterday being run by their well-drilled amateur teams.

Ferrari technical boss Ross Brawn was an interested onlooker. “I expected a procession from rich amateurs, but this is something else,” he said.

Sauber designer Sergio Rinland watched the TGP race while current Williams ace Juan Pablo Montoya was there to see a Williams FW07C take pole position in the hands of American Duncan Dayton.