Rolls-Royce thrillers reissued

Rolls-Royce thrillers reissued


title never published), the works of fiction N7 and Murder in the Monte Carlo Rallyby the late Neville Minchin are now available.

Minchin (1888-1977) is well remembered as a prolific Rolls-Royce owner, as well as of many other cars, including racing Darracqs, etc. Author of several books about the

Rolls-Royces, his entertaining memories are captured in Under My Bonnet.

Sir Henry Royce, reading Edgar Wallace's thrillers (didn't we all? even my aged memory remembers Squeaker, You'll Squeak No More), challenged Minchin to write such a book. The result was N7, about a chase between a vintage Bentley and RollsRoyce, with a fine description of that

famous Route National. He followed this with the R-R-angled Murder in the Monte Carlo Rally.

They are now collectors' items, but have been republished by The RollsRoyce Foundation, 191 Hempt Road, Mechanicsburg, Pa 17050, USA (Tel. 00 1 717 697 4671). ISBN nos: N7: 0-9719968-0-6; Murder in the Monte Carlo Rally: 0-9719968-1-4.