Teams set to unite for the future of F1

A crucial meeting of F1 team principals was due to be held at Maranello on July 29, after Motor Sport closed for press.

The meeting was in part a response to a letter issued by Max Mosley during the British GP weekend in which the FIA president urged teams to come up with proposals for cost-cutting measures and improved fuel efficiency. Mosley wants to be able to issue technical rules for 2011 on October 3.

However, there is also the wider issue of the future governance of F1 and the signing off of a new Concorde Agreement. The sport has been run without one since the end of 2007.

The teams are now said to be united in their dissatisfaction with Mosley’s continued presence in his job, in the wake of his personal troubles, and they appear to be trying to stick together in order to strengthen their position.