Sam Hancock

You have to be winning in karts by age eight if you want to be a Porsche team owner, victorious GT racer and Aston Martin works driver like Hancock. Sam has been racing since before some of the MS staff were born – and he’s only 30. He knows his way round a keyboard, too, so at this year’s Le Mans he kept a full and frank diary for us. It’s gripping stuff, especially as he gets close to a top-four finish…

Andrew Frankel

It’d hardly be a press launch if AF wasn’t there. Thanks to his extensive experience our new road car section will become an authoritative source for news on what the car world is thinking, and where it’s going next. And as a regular racer Andrew was well placed to visit McLaren, where engineers gave him exclusive access to their new supercar. Does racing still improve the breed? Read his conclusion on p40.

Gordon Cruickshank

The office phone bill took a hit this month while GC tracked down people who’d seen the inside of a unique racing Ferrari. In a complex career the car went around Europe, the States, Australia and South Africa, and its drivers are now spread as far as Spain and New Zealand. So he’s hoping the bill isn’t itemised… He’d have preferred face-to-face interviews, but oddly the boss wouldn’t wear it.

Rob Widdows

Now we’ve clarified that Rob is not ex-racing driver Robin Widdows, we’ve given him instructions to visit events that intrigue him. In his new column Rob will report back on interesting places, cars and people anywhere they gather. We had a text from Ypres, then Spain, and he tried one from inside a Skoda on Goodwood’s rally stage. We can’t read that one, though the letters OMG appear a lot…