June and July were the busiest months ever on our websile. Not only was there coverage of a knife-edge Le Mans and the tumultuous Indy 500 (when J R Hildebrand crashed on the last comer while leading, giving Dan Wheldon the win), Nigel Roebuck also reported on the Monaco and British GPs. these prompted a huge response from readers online, and as we write comments are still appearing daily. We shouldn’t be surprised Lewis Hamilton‘s onand off-track anics during both weekends were always going to polarise opinion!

Every month Nigel answers questions you submit online. In July he tackled the eternal “which driver was the greatest of all timer conundrum.

Nigel opted for the recently retired Stirling Moss. “To me Stirling in every way, on the ‘hack and off was the perfect racing driver with no discernible faults: wrote Nigel. “Not only did he make it look easy (like Alain Prost), he was also the archetypal racer, brilliant on all types of circuit, in all types of weather, and readily able to adapt his style at a time when racing was changing very fundamentally this was a man, after all, who won Grands Prix in cars as disparate as the Maserall 250F and the Lotus 18! A sound argument, but that didn’t stop everyone diving in with their opinions. Martin Tomlinson tried to sum up the

discussion when he wrote: “ft is frankly impossible to compare drivers of different eras! True, but that is why we provide unlimited space on the Motor SportwebsIte to try!

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Lotus reserve driver Karun Chandhok joined the podcast team in July, and while he may not be on the Fl grid this year, he is one of the most eloquent drivers in the paddock. In The Indian is well-known for his encyclopaedic knowledge of the sport, which made the hour pass with alarming speed as Nigel Roebuck, Rob Widdows and Damien Smith chatted to Chandhok about being a reserve driver, and the upcoming Indian Grand Prbc. 6 It’s well worth a listen, either on the website or on iTunes. Watch out for our August 1

audio podcast, which is being organised as you read this.