Graham gnash


On receipt of the 'Green `Un' each month, I always turn first to Simon Taylor's Lunch With... feature. I enjoyed reading the interview with the estimable Stuart Graham — fascinating stuff, as always, and great to read chapter and verse about Stuart's motorcycle exploits and successes.

I must take Simon to task, however, for repeating the oft-quoted canard that Stuart is the only man to have won TTs on two wheels and four. He is the only man to have achieved such a feat post-war, but Freddie Dixon did it by winning sidecar and solo TTs in 1923 and 1927, before going on to win the RAC TT at Ards in 1935 and 1936 in a Riley. He thus won TTs on two, three and four wheels.
Alan Cox, Hartford, Cheshire

We must also add Charlie Dodson, who won TTs on 'bikes in 1928 and '29, then cars in '34 and, fittingly, sharing with Dixon in '36. Ed