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Page 54 of November 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, November 1958

A History of the Armstrong Siddeley Car

[The Armstrong Siddeley, made by the famous Coventry company which has built outstanding aeroplane engines since the first World War and still, of course, in production, is a somewhat neglected make, so far as the older models are concerned. No club exists to cater for these cars. Very few are to be found amongst members of the Vintage Sports-Car Club. Sometimes the early versions are dismissed...

Page 81 of November 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 81, November 1995


C G Grey, when editor of The Aeroplane, observed that humbug is the essence of politics, except when politics become imbecile, and that of the two he preferred humbug; but that we I should be careful to distinguish between politics and statesmanship which emerges once in a generation among politicians. We might think along these lines today, when so much humbug is rife. Examples? Well, that...

Page 53 of May 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 53, May 1979

The other side of Brooklands

With the arrival of better weather, the Editor recalls the days when people went to Weybridge not only to see the motor racing, but to watch the aeroplane races CONSIDERING that the first heavier-than-air machine had proved that it could get off the ground only six years previously, the attention given by the Brooklands authorities to aviation in 1909 deserves to be remembered. Moreover, flying...

Page 48 of January 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, January 1983

Books for the new year

"Thirty Years of Motoring for Motor Sport" by Bill Boddy. 160pp. 11" x 8-1/2" (Grenville Publishing Co. Ltd., Standard House, Bonhill Streeet, London, EC2A 4DA. £14.90). Here at last is the book so many of our readers say they have been waiting for — a résumé of W.B.'s road-testing, and driving other cars (veteran, Edwardian, vintage and historic racing cars included, the last-named embracing two...

Page 35 of February 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, February 1970

My year's motoring

The editor looks back on the cars he drove during 1969 THE IDEA behind this annual survey, which I find I instituted 17 years ago, is not to underline the variety of cars which the fortunate motoring writer is able to extract every year from manufacturers, nor to emphasise what an enthralling and exciting life such a person leads. It is much more simple than that. The intention is to discuss...

Page 91 of August 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, August 1975

A 50-year span

Motor Sport tests two significant British high-performance cars of very different eras. 1924/5 3-litre Bentley Road-test reports, as out-spoken as we deem necessary, have been a feature of MOTOR SPORT from the first issue and so, as this is our 50th Anniversary number, we decided that something should be written about appropriate cars, spanning the half-century. The first copy of, the newly-...

Page 74 of March 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 1994

Air: London/Australia - a long race in 1934

Sixty years ago the aviation world was stirred by the presentation of a £500 gold cup and £15,000 in other prizes put up by the Australian chocolate millionaire, Sir MacPherson Robertson, for a race from England to Australia. The race having been authorised, the problem was from where to start it. The Royal Aero Club decided on Mildenhall aerodrome in remote Suffolk, then little-known; when I...

Page 103 of July 2001 archive issue thumbnail Page 103, July 2001

Saga of the Siddeley Special

Armstrong Siddeleys, advertised as being 'of Aircraft Quality', were wellmade cars of dignified appearance. C G Grey, editor of The Aeroplane, had several and asked of his first how far he should go to run it in, to be told, "as far as the factory gates, sir". Yet these cars were regarded as pedestrian, from the 1919 advent of the massive 30hp until the appearance of a Sports Twenty in the 1930s...

Page 18 of June 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 1952

Cars I have owned, by CG Grey

CG Grey will be remembered by the older readers of Motor Sport as the Founder and, until 1937, Editor of The Aeroplane.  He started that paper in 1911 and achieved world-wide fame for his outspoken, authoritative and always entertaining views on all aspects of aviation. I was an avid reader of The Aeroplane until Charles Grey retired from the editorial chair, and it may be that, unconsciously, I...

Page 76 of December 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, December 1994


By the 1930s, long-distance flights in light aeroplanes flown by amateur or semi-professional pilots were becoming almost too common. C G Grey, the famous and notably out-spoken editor of The Aeroplane, was apt to castigate such endeavours, especially when a crash or a poor time failed dismally to set up a new record. The flying done by Alfred Ellison and his brother were in a different category...



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