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Page 32 of September 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, September 1977

Around and About

Tourist Trophy, Silverstone September 18th is the chosen date for Britain’s only qualifying round in the European Touring Car Championship 1977. A series dominated by BMW’s big coupes since the withdrawal of the Ford Capris, Silverstone will mark the first anniversary of Leyland Cars’ efforts to displace the Munich straight sixes with Coventry V 12s. Yes, the troubled Jaguars will be out once...

Page 36 of April 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, April 1952

Letters from readers

Morganatics Sir, During the past few months I have read in your correspondence columns two violent anti-Morgan tirades, both aptly headed "Oh dear," and after Mr Marsh' letter in your February issue, I feel I must dash into print on the subject. Mr Marsh's formidable array of troubles are really nothing like as serious as they seem, or at least, the causes of them aren't, and I do not think he...

Page 18 of June 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, June 1950

Club Affairs

The Morgan three-wheeler Club held its rally at Whitsun, but had to abandon the speed-trial part. If anyone knows of a suitable course in the Midlands they are asked to contact R. G. Davies. 11, Lyttelton Street, Barbourne, Worcester. The "mog-boys" have had bad luck in this respect and deserve better. * * * We are informed by George G. Taylor of the Aston-Martin Owners' Club that, following the...

Page 58 of July 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, July 1977

Book Reviews

"Allard -The Inside Story" by Tom Lush. 207 pp. 9+ in. x 7; in. (Motor Racing Publications, 28 Devonshire Road, London, W4 2HD. £7.95.) Although we reviewed an Allard history as recently as last May, and very good it is, if you can afford the extra price of Lush's book you will get more information and more pictures about this very sporting, now defunct, make of car. Indeed, this book is more...

Page 13 of November 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, November 1963

Matters of moment

Motor Show speeches An important item of the London Motor Show session is the speech by Mr. G. W. Harriman, C.B.E., Chairman Of the British Motor Corporation, to the Press. This year Mr. Harriman, after reminding English journalists of the high reputation they have got and the impact of their articles on people with whom British Industry does business .abroad, went on to emphasise the B.M.C.'s...

Page 3 of October 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 3, October 1949

Matters of Moment

The 34th International Earls Court Motor Exhibition On the day this issue of Motor Sport is published, the second British post-war S.M.M.T. Motor Exhibition will open at Earls Court. It will be fully representative of modern European and American automobile engineering, for the 51 car exhibitors representing the products of 32 British, 16 American, seven French and three Italian manufacturers. In...

Page 34 of August 1951 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, August 1951


CLUB AFFAIRS EPISODES FROM hiSTORY, No. 16.—Here is one of the all-enveloping tank-like 8.8-litre Type 57C Bugattis (developed from the Type 57S Which holds the sports-car. hour "record" at 135.42 m.p.h.), which won the 1939 Le Mans race at the then record speed of 136.8 m.p.h. This year the Type C 8i-1itre Jaguar won the Le Naps race at 93.5 m.p.h., covering 161 more miles in the 24 hours than...

Page 17 of April 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, April 1950

Allard Activities

The Allard is a car which has earned a very warm place in the enthusiast's heart, for it evolved directly from the Ford Specials built by Sydney Allard when he was an amateur competitor in trials and rallies. Moreover, as Managing Director of the present Company, Allard drives as actively as ever in competition events, in direct contrast to the bowler-hatted, rolled-umbrella executives of many...

Page 40 of July 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, July 1958


ONE of the most potent Allards in the world and three of the most interesting cars of this make in one stable are the property of Mr. Eric Alexander of Worthing. The fastest of the trio is a remarkable car, inasmuch as it serves as a shopping runabout, is an extremely fast sports car and competes very successfully in sprint contests, its acceleration matching that of American "dragsters." This...

Page 54 of December 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 54, December 1963

Road test—driving a 107 m.p.h. Riley Elf

Every so often we test a modified car which offers fantastic performance for its capacity. Such a car is the Speedwell-modified Riley Elf which we have been testing recently. Although on the face of it the Elf is one of the least likely of the Mini range to benefit from tuning treatment, Speedwell decided to market the car as the "Executive Riley," aimed at the man who wants outstanding...


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