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Page 36 of November 2018 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, November 2018

Classic Motor Show

Clubs, displays, buying and advice are all on offer at the NEC Billed as the world’s biggest gathering of classic cars, the NEC and its sprawling floor space plays host to the Classic Motor Show on November 9-11. More than 3000 classic and vintage cars, plus motorcycles, will cover the million square feet of the Birmingham convention centre with around 300 classic car and motorcycle clubs present...

Page 16 of July 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, July 1956

Alvis Rally

Over 170 cars took part in the largest post-war Alvis Rally organised by the Alvis Owner Club and Alvis 12/50 Register at Heston on May 27th. There were specimens of all models on show from 1920 10/30 to the latest Grafter-bodied 3-litre. Of particular interest were the F.W.D. car which took second place in the 1928 T.T., a Brooklands 200-mile race car (won by Alvis in 1923) and a supercharged 4....

Page 58 of August 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, August 1981

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Life and Times of Montie Grahame-White The days of the true motoring pioneers are now so far distant that it is important not to overlook them. All aspects of the game were so very different then from those applying even in what we, today, call the vintage years. While much has been recorded about pioneers such as Charles Jarrott (who wrote "Ten Years of...

Page 90 of June 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, June 1984

V-E-V Odds & Ends

The present owner of a 1930 16.95 hp Alvis Silver Eagle SD saloon, YD 817, has discovered that at one time his car was apparently owned by Richard Spencer L. Boote, who raced Riley Nines at Brooklands, and that Alvis supplied special pistons, rods and other parts for it and that in 1932/33 the sports saloon body was changed for an open two-seater. Our correspondent would like to hear from Mr...

Page 27 of February 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1938


THE TREND OF DESIGN Once again the time has come to survey, as concisely as possible, the progress that has been made in the design and production of high-performance cars during the past twelve months (TO BE PUBLISHED IN TWO PARTS) I. SPORTS-CARS FiRsT and foremost, the distinction between sports and utility cars continues to narrow and not a single newly-introduced sports-car, no matter how...

Page 20 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1942

Letters from Readers

Sir, Indirectly through correspondence in Motor Sport I got a 1931 Straight Eight Lanchester sports saloon (chassis No. 8089) last autumn (in case I should never see again the Sedanca I lent to the Ministry of Aircraft Production for the duration 18 months ago). I licensed it for March and my wife and I used the month's basic on a couple of drives in one week. The car is kept at the garage of a ...

Page 45 of October 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, October 1990

Unfair Advantage

Keith Duckworth, the supreme British racing-engine designer, is known to have had an aversion to supercharging and turbocharging. Graham Robson has made this clear in his fascinating book Cosworth, which MOTOR SPORT reviewed recently. Duckworth made this quite clear soon after the appearance of the first turbocharged F1 car, the Renault V6 RS01 of 1977. Although there were to be Cosworth...

Page 39 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 39, November 1956

Earls Court impressions

The 1956 London Motor Show is notable for modified models rather than exciting new cars. British manufacturers have adopted automatic transmission more readily than Continental companies—besides the cars listed on page 683, Daimler, Ford and Morris can provide "automation" on their six-cylinder cars—picking American brains to do so (Rover provides the exception). However, automatic transmissions...

Page 13 of September 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, September 1937


ON SPORTS CARS FOR RACING It is rather a pity that there are not more purely speed events open to ordinary drivers of ordinary sports-ears. Nowadays we are confined to the sprint events in the form of widely scattered speed trials and speed hill climbs, a few club meetings at Donington, and the altogether excellent One Hour orgies provided by the Junior Car Club (with corners) and by the Motor...

Page 25 of July 1950 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, July 1950

Racing At Whitsun

THE Whit-Saturday Goodwood Meeting of the B.A.R.C. attracted a relatively small crowd, perhaps on account of memories of the Silverstone congestion of a week earlier, possibly because of the Derby. The atmosphere of pre-war Brooklands was most enjoyable and the Sussex constabulary were ready and willing to exercise skill in coping with traffic congestion, should it have arisen. The main...



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