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Page 25 of June 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1947

Club News

We Hear Bernard Coulter informs us that the French motor paper L'Actualite Automobile, edited by Camille Lacome, has been revived. Coulter has a Type 40 Bugatti sans engine, into which he has fitted an Alvis "Speed Twenty" gearbox, the power unit still constituting a problem. Incidentally, Coulter broadcast reminiscences of "L'Ecusie du Lapin Blanc" at Le Mans, over the B.B.C. Free French Service...

Page 64 of October 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, October 1981

Vintage Postbag

Sunbeam Sidelines Sir, I found the article on the 3-litre Sunbeam in last month's issue most interesting and informative. The speculation as to why this advanced design was only taken to Le Mans once will, I suspect, continue for a long time. Starting with 1924, could one of the factors influencing the decision to withdraw the Le Mans entry have been the Coatalen/Bentley duel in Autocar? The...

Page 19 of February 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, February 1954

Experiences Of A Novice

K. J. Williams, B.Sc., Tells How a Singer Nine Le Mans Provided Instruction in the Art and Adventure of Personal Transportation It was Easter, 1950. The drizzle had continued all day. I was feeling rather fed up and at a loose end. The local paper had arrived and I was reading the adverts, when my eye caught sight of a 1934 9-h.p. Singer be Mans for sale. (Lesson No. 1, when a car is called a...

Page 19 of June 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, June 1937

Club News

etta /1.4 KENT AND SUSSEX L.C.C. The first of the 1937 series of the always excellent Lewes speed trials was held on May 8th. Spectators arrived in plenty, many specials were being exercised and there were some fast runs, indeed the only thing missing was a spot of sunlight to warm and brighten this delightful spot on the downs above the sea. J. Lemon Burton made the fastest run of the afternoon...

Page 85 of August 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 85, August 1978

A 1969 911E

Sir, I read with interest Mr. Jennings' letter in June's Motor Sporrt headed "The Pitfalls of Used Exotica". I was in the position described by him (no thanks to Ernie) about a year ago in having £3,000 to spend on a used car. There was absolutely nothing to interest me in "run of the mill" vehicles and after much searching through old road tests I began looking for a used 911IE. The car I bought...

Page 6 of January 1946 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, January 1946

Cars I Have Owned

This time with especial reference to "12/50" and "12/60" Alvi. At the end of the Kaiser war the family was running a 24-h.p. Talbot enclosed-drive laundaulette, a 4-cylinder job of vast proportions. I do not remember much about it, apart from the fact that it was most comfortable and very reliable, and that it had a very loud and raucous Klaxon. This was followed by a 11.9 Harper Bean of 1922...

Page 19 of May 1944 archive issue thumbnail Page 19, May 1944

Club News

Club News WE HEAR Apart from the Horstman and A.B.C. mentioned elsewhere in this issue, another early small car, but of rather different conception, exists in Amersham, in the form of Stafford East's touring V-twin G.N. He is assembling it from a large collection of G.N. parts, making up the body from data obtained from memory and photographs, so that it will be virtually a new car. He has also...

Page 20 of January 1965 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, January 1965

Vintage postbag

Eagle-eyed! Sir, Your December issue, p. 1027: is not "1920" a misprint for "1924"—see p. 163 of "The Vintage Motor Car," by Clutton and Stanford? Surely the front-wheel brakes and 24/70 = 1924? Kenneth C. McGuffie – Amersham. [Yes, it would seem so—we quoted from The Lord Mayor's Show—Ed.] * * * *The beauty of vintage cars Sir, If Wolverhampton-built Sunbeams were in...

Page 13 of February 1939 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, February 1939

club news

etialiewd ......?1101.1111111111.119P SOUTHSEA M.C. The Club reported at its annual general meeting that it is now in a much sounder position than before. The following officers were elected for the cowing season :—Trials Secretary : C. S. De we-y ; Social Secretary : D. P. Kirkman ; lion. Treasurer : N. Lloyd Evans ; Chief Marshal : S. Teversham ; Press Secretary : M. W. Shepard. The President,...

Page 26 of January 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, January 1938


AN ENJOYABLE DAY'S SPORT IN THE CITY AND GUILDS CHRISTMAS TRIAL BEST PERFORMANCE BY G. MONTANARO DRIVING M.G. MAGNA WINTER IN THE CHILTERNS FAVOURED by a brilliant, frosty winter's day in the middle of a spell of bad weather, the Christmas Trial of the City and Guilds Motor Club on December 18th, provided good sport in the Chilterns for a score of enthusiastic competitors. Most of the entrants...



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