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Page 56 of July 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, July 1963

Pre-war Austin Sevens

The Vintage Austin Register, 750 M.C. and Cambridge Vintage A.7 Club have made valiant attempts to bring together pre-war Austin Sevens. But did you know that more than 20 such cars had a police escort through Birmingham to the Austin Motor Company recently? They belong to members of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club, formed a year ago. It has some 70 members. Sec.: G. Stafford, 124, Whittaker Road,...

Page 14 of January 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1966

Fragments on forgotten makes

No. 33-The Bean. The Bean Car Club may not thank me for calling the Bean a "forgotten make" but I am sure they will know what I mean! It was a make intended to be built in mass-produced quantities but which never really made the grade. A. Harper, Sons & Bean Ltd. was a company, registered in 1907, which supplied the growing motor industry with stampings, castings and forgings from Dudley,...

Page 32 of February 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, February 1952

Better by rail !

A special train of 13 International Ferry Service railway vans was used to take the Austin exhibits to the Brussels Motor Show. The gaily-decorated locomotive pulling the Austin Special excited great interest en route. This is the first time any British car manufacturer has adopted this method of transporting its vehicles to a foreign motor exhibition. The great advantage of sending them in this...

Page 27 of April 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, April 1981

Matters of Moment

• "April Fool" Cars As this issue of Motor Sport is due to appear on April Fool's Day we can perhaps be excused for thinking about those cars which, because they have fooled their owners and drivers by developing defects, often all too early in their life-span, might be called "April Fool's" cars, or at least be described as cars apparently designed and/or made by fools. Those addicted to motor-...

Page 20 of May 1942 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, May 1942

Letters from Readers

Sir, Indirectly through correspondence in Motor Sport I got a 1931 Straight Eight Lanchester sports saloon (chassis No. 8089) last autumn (in case I should never see again the Sedanca I lent to the Ministry of Aircraft Production for the duration 18 months ago). I licensed it for March and my wife and I used the month's basic on a couple of drives in one week. The car is kept at the garage of a ...

Page 11 of April 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, April 1957

Matters Of Moment

The Parliamentary Debate on the British Motor Industry Motor Sport has drawn attention on frequent occasions for the need for entirely new British cars of up-to-date design and appearance, backed by a foolproof spares service throughout the world, in order that our Motor Industry can combat the growing menace of foreign competition and the workers in Coventry, Birmingham, Luton, Oxford and...

Page 30 of May 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, May 1968

SR.N1 Hovercraft at Beaulieu

The Montagu Motor Museum took on the role of a transport museum when the "Bournemouth Belle" went to live in Lord Montagu's garden. This role was extended when, on April 6th, the SR.N1, the World's first hovercraft, was placed on public exhibition there. The occasion was historic, for, as Sir David Follett, Director of the Science Museum, emphasised, the hovercraft, brainchild of Dr. Cockerell,...

Page 25 of June 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, June 1957

That Car Again!

Not only is the Volkswagen one of the world's best-selling cars, it is also the one most frequently discussed in the World's Press. One of the latest references to the German beetle appears in the American journal Speed Age, which devotes 5½ pages to an article by Smith Archer under the heading of "Volkswagen -- World's Most Over-rated Car." Archer attempts to pull VW prestige to pieces but fails...

Page 70 of September 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, September 1987

Obituary: Alan Hess

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Alan Hess, that knowledgeable allround motor-racing personality and Brooklands Society Vice-President, who has died at the age of 87. His first experience of Brooklands was being driven round it in 1907 in a Daimler which just about reached 60 mph. That started Hess on a life closely associated with Brooklands and motor-racing. He developed this interest...

Page 43 of October 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 43, October 1968

The Gordon England "Brooklands" Super Sports Austin Seven

Some Notes about a Small Sports Car which is now as dead as the Dodo but which was extremely Popular and Successful during the period 1924 to 1927 If you ask the present-day Austin 7 fraternity if they remember the first two sports models of this immortal make they usually tell you about Ulsters and Nippys. There is some excuse for this, if they have not read copiously of Austin history or have...



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