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Page 18 of November 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1956

Some accessories at Earls Court

Automotive Products Ltd. Improved suspension joints and automatic transmissions are on view and oil and fuel filters. Stand 369. Avon India Rubber Co Ltd. The Avon Winter Safety tyre is on view together with the HM Airseal, which has no tube. Stand 205. Bosch Ltd. New exhibits are the P 11S sparking pings designed for motor-scooter engines and the M 11S range which has been introduced for the...

Page 10 of September 1958 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, September 1958

Avon tyres and motor racing

Some notes compiled after a visit to the Avon India Rubber Co., Ltd., at Melksham IN recent years some important racing successes have been achieved by the Aston Martin team-cars running on Avon racing tyres, and Avon tyres can be said to be in almost universal acclaim amongst the leading exponents of the art of motor-cycle racing. To the Avon Company there is nothing new in such success in the...

Page 17 of March 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, March 1953

Technical development of the Javelin and Jupiter flat-four engines

An Account of the Modifications Adopted by the Jowett Engineers since the Javelin went into Production Eight Years ago   (Criticism is sometimes levelled at British manufacturers on the grounds that they lack initiative and fail to develop their designs adequately. Consequently, we are glad to be able to show, in this article, that the old-established concern of Jowett Cars, Ltd., of Bradford,...

Page 55 of April 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, April 1961

Peregrine " . . . kind of falcon . . ." - Oxford Dictionary

The name of Falcon Shells has become well known to builders of glass-fibre-bodied "specials" as manufacturers of some of the best-looking bodies on the market, such as the current Caribbean and Bermuda, and the Competition model which has recently gone out of production. Some time ago Director Peter Pellandine realised that the glass-fibre "special" could be advanced beyond the Ford 10 stage and...

Page 20 of July 1956 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, July 1956

Enthusiasts' Directory

No. 10 — Tyres This particular instalment of "Enthusiasts' Directory" is especially interesting, because no single component of the motor car has benefited so thoroughly from racing as the tyre. In the very early times, as the racing car emerged out of the mists of antiquity, the pneumatic tyre endowed the vehicles to which it was fitted with more speed, at the expense of time lost repairing the...

Page 27 of November 1924 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, November 1924


ACCESSORIES AT OLYMPIA. The Gallery for Gadgets. Some Aids for the Speed Man. ACCLES & POLLOCK. Stand 205. The exhibits on this stand concern the sporting motor cyclist who takes an interest in the details and construction of his mount, and particularly those who may have ideas of their own as to the way in which motor cycle frames ought to be built. They will see, on this stand, a complete...


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