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Page 57 of June 1976 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, June 1976

Derek spencer: Resuscitator and protector of Big Healeys

"Soon, the Healey will be a collector's piece. But no one who has sat behind the wheel of a Big Healey will forget the enduring excitement of it all—the huge surge of power, the tumultuous exhaust and the rest of the pack shrinking to dots in the mirror". This was how Austin-Healey 3000 owner James Ewing paid tribute to the endearing character of the hairy-chested Big Healey in Safety Fast, some...

Page 17 of February 1949 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1949

The 6 1/2 Litre Bentley

This authoritative article on the 6 1/2-litre Bentley, both standard "Big Six" and "Speed Six" versions, has been compiled for us with great care and no little research by the Bentley Drivers' Club, under the guidance of its President, Stanley Sedgwick. It follows similar very popular articles on other Bentley cars, the 3-litre having been covered in February, 1947, and the 4 1/2-litre in...

Page 25 of March 1936 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, March 1936


THE 3i-LITRE TALBOT HANDSOME NEW SERIES CAR CAPABLE OF NEARLY 90 M.P.H. The acquisition of the Clement Talbot Company by the Humber-Hillman Group coincided with small, but important, modifications in the chassis and other details in the " 105 " and 31-1itre models. The new frame is stronger yet actually lighter, with its box-section side-members and tubular cross-member, and the silent dynamotor...

Page 38 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 38, January 1931

a light cabin monoplane

LIGHT 'PLANE TYPES A LIGHT CABIN MONOPLANE The "Hornet-" engined Civilian Coupe. HEN its development elsewhere is considered, the enclosed small aeroplane has been rather slow in materialising in this country, but now that it has been taken up seriously by our leading manufacturers it is safe to foretell that within the next few years it will be the predominant type. The most obvious advantage of...

Page 28 of October 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, October 1952

Historical Notes: Ball and Roller Bearings

For some time we have been aware that many of our readers would appreciate engineering articles in the pages of Motor Sport, but there has been the difficulty of striking a balance between elementary and advanced presentation and of deciding which subjects to cover. After careful thought we have decided that what is wanted is an historical/technical introduction to various aspects of the motor...

Page 41 of January 1934 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, January 1934


WINTER WORK IN THE GARAGE Now is the time to carry out an overhaul of your car, and in the following article will be found some useful information as to the best means of setting about the work. THE philosophers who write in the daily newspapers at this time of year are constantly telling us of the advantages of winter, as being a time to improve our minds while yet keeping our bodies in good...

Page 17 of February 1948 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1948

The 4 1/2-Litre Bentley

Exactly a year ago we published an authoritative and much-appreciated article on the famous 3-litre Bentley car, which was compiled at our request by the Bentley Drivers Club. So popular did it prove that it was even translated into Norwegian for publication in the official motor paper of Norway. Consequently we have much pleasure in presenting similar data on the 3-litre's immediate successor,...

Page 30 of January 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, January 1931

items of interest

ITEMS OF INTI-4,R1-4,ST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES A New Low-Priced Fuel. "Motor Sport's " Technical Investigator writes :— IHAVE recently had the opportunity of carrying out an extensive test of some spirit now being put on the market by Trinidad Leaseholds Ltd. This fuel, known as " Regent Super" is of particular interest as being a British Empire product, and is put on the market in a No. 1 grade,...

Page 27 of June 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, June 1955


The New Sports Connaught Considerable interest has been aroused by the successful showing of the new Connaught sports car in the now somewhat neglected class. The new car is built in the small Connaught factory at Ripley in Surrey, under the sponsorship of that keen, versatile and essentially cheerful enthusiast, Kenneth McAlpine. Besides driving his own cars in races, McAlpine is a frequent...


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