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Page 72 of April 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 72, April 2014


Memorable John Button What a shame… and what a shock to be informed of John Button’s passing in your editorial. Having seen or heard nothing in the media, my wife and I were taken aback, since we frequently watch BBC news headlines and I admit to being a Facebook addict. I had the pleasure of meeting him at last year’s Festival of Speed. I had been ushered into the ‘red carpet’ area, for a cuppa...

Page 64 of November 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 64, November 1989

Veteran to classic

War year All this interest in the papers and on TV about Britain's entry into the war fifty years ago gives us an excuse for recalling a little of what motoring was like in 1939. What we were doing then cannot be more boring than pictures of people filling sandbags, trying on gas-masks or sprinting towards air raid shelters. There had been a hint of impending disaster when the German drivers...

Page 14 of April 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, April 2003

History standing still

Sir, I remember listening to the BBC news sometime in 1957 and hearing the reader state something to the effect that: "The future of Formula One grand prix racing is in doubt. Escalating costs have already caused the Connaught team to fold, and it is feared that a number of other teams will be forced to retire from racing as well." Well, nearly 46 years have passed, and costs are still escalating...

Page 74 of March 2009 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 2009

Lunch with Paddy Hopkirk

The PM, Brucie, The Beatles… They all wanted to know this Belfast boy after his Mini win in Monte Carlo. But that was just one of his many successes In the UK at least, the frenzy surrounding Lewis Hamilton’s World Championship win last November spread far beyond Formula 1’s normal audience, and for a few days his name was on the lips of politicians, comedians, media pundits, even the priest on...

Page 77 of April 1995 archive issue thumbnail Page 77, April 1995

Trials - old style

Before the war it was the greatest fun to spectate at mud trials, or even go on them, as I did occasionally with someone who regarded them rather as others did their golf, as a way of enjoying fresh air in good country with a competitive element, but no dismay if awards escaped him. This person, with whom I have lost touch, had an MG Midget, then an MG Magnette with supercharger added. I mention...

Page 70 of March 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 70, March 1986

News Flash

News Flash An unexpected if very brief encounter with motoring history punctuated TV coverage of the Westland Affair, that unhappy or welcome piece of Government bungling, depending on which Party has your support, and which certainly showed up the vicious glee with which the Opposition makes the most of other's mistakes. It came with the nine o'clock BBC News on Friday, January 24th. The...

Page 21 of March 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 21, March 1977

Matters of moment

Outlook tepid As the year advances the general and motoring outlook can he described as tepid, improving in some quarters but showing little or no uplift in others. The most momentous moment of the past month, judging by the column-inches in the Press that it evoked, was the release on the Home markct of the new Ford Fiesta. Expectation set it high, in anticipatory terms. In the event it can be...

Page 12 of December 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, December 1998

Modern Times

It's been a long, long season. Three thousand miles of racing. Untold days of testing, untold nights of preparation. Nine unrelenting months of sheer hard work across five continents. In the end, for Michael Schumacher it all came down to the single tiny moment at Suzuka when, on pole position in the Ferrari and fired up to do a champion's job, he selected first gear. And felt the lurch, through...

Page 26 of March 1993 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, March 1993

Delirium Tremens

Dirty - Yet more politics in F1 With the 1993 Grand Prix_season-fast approaching, Formula On. is not exactly a happy ship ... Why exactly are so many people getting hot under the collar? It's a happy little world at present, Formula One. First we had Nigel Mansell quitting Williams amidst much wailing and gnashing of teeth. More recently, however, more fundamental issues have arisen. There's been...


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