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Page 71 of March 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 71, March 1979

Road test

The Lotus Esprit S2 Fast, fun and frenzied Since Colin Chapman first put spanner to nut in Hackney there have been few road cars available at any particular period in time to rival the Lotus for sheer exhilaration behind the wheel. The maestro's touch has inbred a unique agility of handling and performance in every road-going chassis. There have been inferior models, like the Renault-engined...

Page 37 of December 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, December 1982


Back on the books front, enthusiasts for the more modern motorcycles might like to receive "A Million Miles Ago" by lifelong motorcyclist Neale Shilton, about his Triumph days, about servicing these machines, and travelling all over Britain and the World in connection with selling Norton Interpols, and later BMWs, to Police Forces. This Foulis imprint is priced at £9.95. Fine sporting photographs...

Page 27 of June 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, June 1953

Historical Notes: Brakes

The pioneer motorist, at least prior to 1900, regarded his brakes as being extremely important, but for a different reason from that which we should advance today. The roads of his day carried but a minute fraction of the present-day traffic, and the "routine slowing down" or the "emergency stop" of our day and generation were virtually unknown to him. Instead, he viewed with something...

Page 36 of July 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 1967

Rally review

Canadian Shell 4,000 Rally The Canadian Shell 4,000 Rally is the World's longest event held under F.I.A. rules at the moment and the longest anyway with the demise of the Round Australia Trial. This year it provided several "firsts." The first win for a non-Canadian crew, the first international rally win for Boreham's new '67 shape Lotus Cortina (an early baptism considering it took the old-...

Page 50 of January 1970 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, January 1970

50,000 miles with a Porsche 911

D.S.J. STARTED me on the downward slope towards becoming a Porsche fanatic and an appreciator of sophisticated fun motoring. In the late '50s, while I used a Jowett Jupiter and an Austin Healey for transport, Jenks would invariably meet me at an airport with his own much-loved Porsche 356 near whichever Grand Prix he happened to be covering and afterwards put me back on a 'plane with my cameras...

Page 27 of February 1938 archive issue thumbnail Page 27, February 1938


THE TREND OF DESIGN Once again the time has come to survey, as concisely as possible, the progress that has been made in the design and production of high-performance cars during the past twelve months (TO BE PUBLISHED IN TWO PARTS) I. SPORTS-CARS FiRsT and foremost, the distinction between sports and utility cars continues to narrow and not a single newly-introduced sports-car, no matter how...

Page 42 of April 1977 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, April 1977

"Automobile Year-1976-77"

edited by Douglas Armstrong. 236 pp. 12 1/2 in x 9 1/2 in. (Patrick Stephens Ltd., Bar Hill,Cambridge, CB3 8EL. £16.50.) Among an increasing number of annuals that give detailed coverage of the previous season's motoring sport, the well-established Edita of Lausanne's "Automobile Year" stands out for its lavish production and beautiful pictures. 84 in colour and 421 in black and white in the...

Page 20 of February 1947 archive issue thumbnail Page 20, February 1947

Letters from Readers

Sir, In order to vindicate my well-known and passionate love of accuracy in technical articles, I felt that I must write and point out two errors which appear in the printed version of my article describing the power unit of Mr. George Symond's Austin Seven "Grasshopper." It may be that the rush to get your January issue out had occasioned these. In the first place, the blower is obviously not...

Page 30 of December 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, December 1935


THE RAILTON LIGHT SPORTS TOURER After a run on the new light Rai1ton -the most hardened of critics could hardly suppress a feeling of exhilaration and a strong tendency to express himself entirely in superlatives. To begin with, an engine giving some 120 h.p. mounted in a chassis weighing only 19 cwt. gives a performance which is really breath-taking. The question of road-holding has not been...

Page 50 of December 1982 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, December 1982

Miniatures News

GRAND PRIX models of Radlett have released two more metal kits of cars in the Ford GT40 saga. These are the basic P-car, with a wide-ranging set of decals to cover different racing variants of this model, and for the GT40 as a road car, to 1:43 scale. Each kit costs £7.95 in the UK. GP Models can also supply the Swiss Schmid miniature of the 4-litre V12 Sunbeam, also to 1:43 scale, for £40.25....



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