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Page 104 of September 2010 archive issue thumbnail Page 104, September 2010

Dr Ulrich Eichhorn

Occupation: Member of the board for engineering,Bentley Motors What is your greatest achievement? The VW One-litre-car and the current Bentley programme. What is your biggest regret? I don’t think you can ever get too much time behind the wheel of a Bentley! Whose work in the industry today do you admire most and why? Outside the Volkswagen Group, the tyre manufacturers for their unrelenting...

Page 79 of August 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 79, August 2007

Bentley 8-litre

Once the personal car of WO Bentley, this Mulliner saloon – a favourite for high-speed trips to France – has returned to its maker. Motor Sport is granted an audience before it is restored By Gordon Cruickshank. Photography: Marc Wright Tech spec Bentley 8-litre, chassis YF 5002 Chassis Steel side-members with tubular cross-members Front suspension: forged steel axle, semi-elliptic springs,...

Page 78 of January 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 78, January 2006

I Remember: Bentleys and Balls

I remember, before I was due to interview the Duke of Richmond & Gordon about his cars and aeroplanes, asking where I could park. I was told that his private parking space was near his London house. Two cars were there but I backed mine in and locked it. When the Duke heard this he was delighted, saying the other cars had no right there and I had trapped them. I had visions of a smashed...

Page 14 of January 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, January 1966

Fragments on forgotten makes

No. 33-The Bean. The Bean Car Club may not thank me for calling the Bean a "forgotten make" but I am sure they will know what I mean! It was a make intended to be built in mass-produced quantities but which never really made the grade. A. Harper, Sons & Bean Ltd. was a company, registered in 1907, which supplied the growing motor industry with stampings, castings and forgings from Dudley,...

Page 61 of February 1990 archive issue thumbnail Page 61, February 1990

The Iris

The Iris THE Iris, forgotten by most, was remembered by one of the work's apprentices who later owned and raced one, as a conventional British car with its good easy starting and slow running characteristics but poor acceleration, the legacy of its heavy flywheel, which made swinging the engine into life with the starting handle less onorous than with many other makes. Such qualities were...

Page 40 of May 1974 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, May 1974

A Bentley Mystery

Sir, Looking recently through a copy of an aviation year-book for 1931, I noted that amongst the civil aircraft registered for that year, was a DH60 Moth, G-ABAG, owned by Bentley Motors. Now, was this the company car? If so, who flew the aircraft and for what purpose? Perhaps your readers could provide an answer to these points? One would have thought that the company's financial situation was...

Page 45 of June 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 45, June 1979

Vintage postbag

Bentley Facts Sir, Oh dear! Those Bentley production figures again. I thought I had laid all this to rest in "All the pre-war Bentleys — as new" when I wrote that the figures (which I summarise below) superseded all those previously published and must, I think, stand unchallenged for all time. The statement was based on the research work I did in the course of compilation which included, inter...

Page 47 of December 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 47, December 1961

Cars I have owned

By Brian Carson Looking backwards across the span of six and thirty years, I can see the ghosts of many of the old conveyances that I have owned since those halcyon days of motoring that are now affectionately called the "Vintage" era. Amongst the hosts of new designs that appeared during the early nineteen-twenties were a few that failed to capture the imagination of the public merely because...

Page 36 of December 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, December 1979

Veteran Edwardian Vintage

A section devoted to old-car matters The Dawn of "The Daimler" Last month's issue of Motor Sport had quite a Daimler flavour to it, what with my description of an outing up Shelsley Walsh in the British Leyland Heritage/Coventry Museum's fine big Edwardian of that make, and my article about the motor-cars of Mr. Bolton, a gentleman who had a preference for Daimlers and drove them at Shelsley...

Page 48 of November 1973 archive issue thumbnail Page 48, November 1973

Vintage Postbag

Vintage Le Mans Sir, Oh dear, did three nasty gentlemen beat D.S. J.'s old travelling companion Stirling Moss at the Le Mans 50th Anniversary race! Whilst it is well known that attack is the best form of defence, I really do think the reasons given in his European Letter in the September issue for not reporting the event rather feeble — perhaps the fact that he wasn't there would have been more...



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