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Page 80 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 80, May 1961

"That Car"

Sir, I think this letter will interest you as I am an Englishman who has bought and run a VW in Germany, and thus I think I am able to give a much more balanced opinion about the Volkswagen than many I have seen expressed in your excellent journal (e.g., "Was it a Dud ? " in the February issue). In September I bought a 1957/58 VW (one owner, a German) with 74,000 km. on the odometer. After a...

Page 26 of April 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, April 1966

V.S.C.C. Pomeroy Memorial Trophy Competition

This contest was instituted by the late Laurence Pomeroy in memory of his father, who designed Vauxhall and Daimler cars of the vintage era. He gave a Rex Hays' model of a 1914 G.P. Vauxhall as a prize, stipulating that various tests be held to determine the best all-round touring car. Now that Laurence Pomeroy, too, is dead, this competition constitutes a fitting memorial to both father and son...

Page 12 of November 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, November 1964

The new ADO17 Austin 1800

B.M.C.'s new offering for the London Motor Show was their long-awaited ADO17 in the form of the Austin 1100, which is of the same ingenious Issigonis/Moulton layout as their Minis and 1100s but with a five-bearing single-S.C. 80.3 x 88,9 mm. (1,798 c.c.) 84 b.h.p. engine, remote gear lever, Girling disc front/drum rear brakes with the new "g" sensitive limiting valve, a wheelbase of 8 ft. 10 in....

Page 11 of April 1957 archive issue thumbnail Page 11, April 1957

Matters Of Moment

The Parliamentary Debate on the British Motor Industry Motor Sport has drawn attention on frequent occasions for the need for entirely new British cars of up-to-date design and appearance, backed by a foolproof spares service throughout the world, in order that our Motor Industry can combat the growing menace of foreign competition and the workers in Coventry, Birmingham, Luton, Oxford and...

Page 44 of January 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, January 1964

In favour of the Renault R8

Sir, Mr. A. Smith (October 1963) appears to have grown so weary of Morris 1100 criticism, that he appears to have nodded off when quoting acceleration figures up to 70; I can only find figures which are around a second slower, despite looking through a whole heap of magazines. Perhaps he also has fairy feet, since his m.p.g. figures are better than quoted ones, out of all proportion. He might...

Page 16 of November 1968 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, November 1968

Rally Review

"The most magnificent motorcade in history" is how the Daily Express describes its London-Sydney Marathon which will begin from London's Crystal Palace at 2 p.m. on Sunday, November 24th. I am not at all sure whether such a description is justified, for one could hardly expect streamers of ticker-tape to descend from skyscrapers upon cheering crowds in the middle of Afghanistan or halfway across...

Page 33 of November 1966 archive issue thumbnail Page 33, November 1966

Auto. Mini

B.M.C.'s Offering for Learners and Novices ENTHUSIASTS may tend to sneer at automatic transmission and to me it represents a retrograde step towards motoring simplification that is a sop to women drivers and does not necessarily mean increased safety, inasmuch as anything exceedingly easy to do is all too often done casually. Yet we should not sneer at this exceptionally clever technical...

Page 37 of June 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 37, June 1962

The Manufacturers reply

It is our policy with the Readers' Car Survey to ask the Manufacturers to make any comments they wish in the issue following that, in which one of their cars is dealt with. Last month we covered the Ford Anglia, the two Austin-Healey models and the Renault Dauphine. We contacted all these companies but only Renault have seen fit to see us; Ford and BMC promised to arrange an interview with their...

Page 30 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 30, May 1961

Mini-Seven Clubs

MINI-SE7EN CLUBS It seems that several people have had a simultaneous idea to form a Club for owners of the ADO15 B.M.C. babies, but it appears that Mr. R. Miller, of 14, Lyman Crescent, Ilford, Essex, was first on the scene as the Mini-Se7en Club, of which he is Secretary, has 200 members already, and application is being made for R.A.C. recognition. Full details of the Club are available from...

Page 76 of May 1961 archive issue thumbnail Page 76, May 1961

British Workmanship

Sir, I extend my sincere sympathies to Mr. H. W. I. Hanan. At the beginning of January this year I bought a Ford New Anglia; I believe the basic design of the car to be good, although the steering geometry is rather peculiar and I personally dislike a "cart " rear axle. This "most exciting light car" certainly was exciting! But in the wrong way! The rear bumper went rusty in eight weeks, part of...



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