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Page 68 of May 1964 archive issue thumbnail Page 68, May 1964

Letters from Readers

N.B.—Opinions expressed are those of our Correspondents and "Motor Sport" does not necessarily associate itself with them—Ed. Cars as Status Symbols Sir, I am a keen reader of Motor Sport, and have now at last been encouraged to get down to what I meant to do for a very long time already, namely, write and congratulate you on the quality of your magazine. As a Lancia Flaminia Sports owner, I...

Page 40 of January 1969 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, January 1969

Books for the New Year

"Conquerors Of The Air"", by Heiner Emde. 204 pp. 12 in. x 10¼ in. (Patrick Stephens Ltd., 9, Ely Place, London, E.C.1. 190s.) This is a lavishly produced history of aeroplane evolution from 1903 to 1945, published by Edita, of Lausanne, who are responsible for "Automobile Year". It is a book which contains fine colour plans and action drawings; the illustrations are by Carlo Demand. The...

Page 74 of March 1994 archive issue thumbnail Page 74, March 1994

Air: London/Australia - a long race in 1934

Sixty years ago the aviation world was stirred by the presentation of a £500 gold cup and £15,000 in other prizes put up by the Australian chocolate millionaire, Sir MacPherson Robertson, for a race from England to Australia. The race having been authorised, the problem was from where to start it. The Royal Aero Club decided on Mildenhall aerodrome in remote Suffolk, then little-known; when I...

Page 56 of October 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, October 1998

The worst car I ever drove - Unreliable memories

Ari Vatanen – Ford Escort RS 1800 reg. no. RRK 425 W Ari Vatanen was the first Finn to win the World Rally Championship, no thanks, he tells John Davenport, to one particular Ford Escort When nine FIA World Rally Champions in the last 18 years have been Finns, it's good to be able to say, as Ari Vatanen can, that he was the first to earn that title. But the year in which it came was one of...

Page 82 of October 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 82, October 1978

Some fun with a Lister Jaguar

Twenty years ago the Lister-Jaguar was the absolute king of British sports car racing, its successful image created by Archie Scott-Brown, who tragically lost his life in one at Spa-Francorchamps in May of 1958 and subsequently polished by drivers of the calibre of Moss, Clark, Gregory, Halford, Whitehead and Bueb. Now the wheel has turned full circle and the most competitive sports racing car in...

Page 40 of August 1962 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, August 1962


Engine Testing by TV The Editor is something of a sceptic. For instance, he is not convinced that fitting a funnel or similar extractor to the exhaust pipe of an ordinary car will make it go faster, nor is he in favour of lubricating an engine with new-fangled multi-grade oils or adding additives such as "blackcross" or "jolly" to the sump, having always been served admirably by straight Castrol...

Page 91 of September 1983 archive issue thumbnail Page 91, September 1983

Book Reviews

"Ferrari four-seaters" by David Owen. 134 pp, 81/2" x 7". "Saab turbo" by Graham Robson. 135pp, 81/2" x 7". "Mercedes Benz 300SL" by William Boddy, 135pp, 81/2" x 7". (Osprey Publishing  Ltd, 12-14 Long Acre, London WC2E 9EP. "6.95) This is the latest trio of books in Osprey's well known Auto History series, well illustrated, decently documented, with specifications tables and clour centre-...

Page 56 of March 1981 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, March 1981

Book Reviews

"Alpine — The Classic Sunbeam" by Chris McGovern. 256 pp. 9 3/4" x 7". (Century Books Ltd., 15, Pont Street, London, SW1X 5EH. £9.95). With so many of the great and lesser makes of car now covered by one-make histories, authors have for some time been turning to one-model or sirnilarly-specialised books. "Alpine — The Classic Sunbeam" is such a book to be welcomed by those who like every facet of...

Page 128 of June 2011 archive issue thumbnail Page 128, June 2011

Doug Nye

Swiss precision at the ScuderiaFormer driver Peter Schetty oversaw a glorious period for Ferrari in sports cars with its dominant 312PB The 1972 sports-prototype season is recalled as a classic for Ferrari. Its works team of 3-litre, flat12-engined 312PB cars just trampled roughshod over all opposition to monopolise the World Championship. In contrast, Maranello's Formula 1 team veered...


August 2019
100 years, three cars, one epic track test



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