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Page 44 of August 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, August 2002

City slickers

Street racing in Britain has been to Motorsport what Holland has been to Downhill skiing, but the vision of one man gave it a foothold. Had it received a vital leg-up at the right time, it might still be with us. David Malsher recalls the rise and of fall of Birmingham's Superprix For those living outside Birmingham, the Superprix erupted out of nowhere. Even readers of the specialist Motorsport...

Page 13 of October 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, October 1986

Birmingham Super Prix

History from the heart of England It finally happened. After years of effort and disappointment, Birmingham had its race. Motor racing has been with us for ninety years but we, in mainland Britain, had never before been able to see it take place on the streets of a city. Some events become great occasions, regardless of the degree of competition. The Birmingham race has the ingredients to become...

Page 40 of March 1989 archive issue thumbnail Page 40, March 1989

Impressions; Turbo Technics Granada 2.9

A smoother blend Now that turbochargers as a fashion have abated, a turbo is now more often employed where it is genuinely appropriate instead of as window dressing. At the same time, with the steady increase of expertise, such installations are incomparably better than they used to be, especially from a specialist such as Turbo Technics, which produces the twin-turbo Ford Granada 2.9 conversion...

Page 32 of June 1975 archive issue thumbnail Page 32, June 1975

A trip in a Ferrari Boxer and to Maranello

"MMM, would you like to try it ?" Just seven words spoken by former sporting and GT racing specialist Mike Salmon, but they brightened what had already been an interesting morning into an extraordinary day, for "it" was a Ferrari Berlinetta Boxer. The Boxer is a legend built on boggling facts, a logical extension of racing practice, adapted to produce a stupendous road car. The flat-12 engine (...


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