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Page 92 of February 1998 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, February 1998

The suvivor's guide to owing an F1 team

GP teams have come and gone, but Tyrrell has made it through the good times and bad… until now. Adam Cooper discovers the secret of keeping a team afloat in 1998 The 1999 season will see a significant change to the Formula One entry list. Tyrrell, the third oldest marque in the Grand Prix pitlane after Ferrari and McLaren, will no longer as exist as we know it now. In its place comes British...

Page 10 of March 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, March 1999

Modern Times

If a litre of optimism is worth a second a lap, a lot of lap records will be broken this year. As each Formula One team has launched its new car to the press we've been subjected to buckets of fine words and dry ice. And the more there is to prove, the more theatrical the launch - none more so than for this season's completely new team, British American Racing. Actually, these days no team is...

Page 12 of January 2005 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, January 2005

Honda F1 team on horizon

Car giant promises increase in F1 profile Honda looks set to run its own team in Formula One for the first time since 1968 following an announcement that it intends to buy a 45 per cent stake in BAR. The Japanese giant, which has supplied engines to BAR since 2000, is widely tipped to complete a total buy-out and rebranding of the team within the next two years. It has already drawn up plans for...

Page 58 of April 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, April 1999

Grands Prix

GP racing was once ruled by manufacturers. Now it's the FIA and constructors. Matthew Franey asks how long it will last. If you want to find out how much the world of Grand Prix racing has changed in the 75 years since The Brooklands Gazette first rolled off the presses, then spare a moment to recognise that despite the passing of time, some things remain very much the same. Consider the...

Page 99 of March 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 99, March 2013

Lunch with... Adrian Reynard

Innovator, improviser, impecunious... The founder of a famous British racing institution has been all three, but right now he's flying high once again By Simon Taylor Motor racing is dangerous: it's a truism that doesn't need repeating. And motor racing can be dangerous commercially, too. On the balance sheet as well as on the track, risk can reap huge rewards but can also result in huge crashes...

Page 50 of September 2007 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, September 2007

Lunch with... David Richards

The multi-faceted motorsports tycoon discusses his rallying background, a laid-back management style, Aston Martin, helicopters and entry to F1By Simon Taylor You see David Richards everywhere. Go to just about any significant motor sporting event — the Le Mans 24 Hours, a distant grand prix, an overseas world championship rally, the Goodwood Festival of Speed — and there he is, smiling and...

Page 90 of July 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 90, July 2008

Lunch with... Peter Warr

The former Lotus team boss remembers the early days with Chapman, his struggles with Senna, and a certain ‘uncouth Brummie’… By Simon Taylor At its zenith, Lotus was Formula 1’s most consistently successful team, winning 71 World Championship races in 19 seasons. Ferrari’s tally for that same period was 44. Any list of the all-time greatest F1 cars must include at least four Lotuses: the...

Page 12 of October 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, October 1999

Modern Times

For most of the season, each Formula One team is in a constant state of double-focus. It has to concentrate on this week's race; and it has to be working just as hard on the challenge of next season. From mid-year the designers will already be conceiving the new car, and if too many resources are devoted to staying competitive from Silverstone onwards, there is a danger in of arriving in...

Page 96 of April 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 96, April 2013

A Bonneville triumph

It seemed simple: set the fastest ever speed for an F1 car, at the spiritual home of straight-line record breaking. Honda achieved its aim - but no one had predicted it would take two years instead of the planned 10 days By Ed Foster "You go to Bonneville and you take a really heavy car with narrow wheels. We turned up with a really light car with big balloon tyres, and the first time we wheeled...

Page 44 of July 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, July 2003

Player's pleas

15 minutes of fame Lotus 73: Monaco F3 – May 13, 1972 A black-and-gold Lotus smoked its Formula One rivals in 1972, but its Formula Three counterpart coughed and spluttered its way to an early demise. By Paul Fearnley A new era dawned in 1972: Formula One got its youngest world champion, and gained a commercial face that would change it forever. Lotus had ushered in sponsorship as we know it with...


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