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Page 41 of June 1952 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, June 1952


Recommendations: The chart applicable to the chosen make of oil will show you with which grade to fill your car's sump. In general it can be said that the majority of cars use engine oil of SAE 20 rating in winter, SAE 30 in summer, in this country. Exceptions include the Vauxhall Wyvern, which likes SAE 20 both winter and summer, SAE 30 only under tropical conditions; the Fiat 1,400 and Simca...

Page 34 of September 1937 archive issue thumbnail Page 34, September 1937

Speed Record Pictures

SPEED RECORD PICTURES Sit Malcolm Campbell's Water Speed Record has been made the subject for the first attempt to provide the public with animated news pictures in pocket form. 'While the " Bluebird " was skimming across Lake Maggiore the news-reel men on the bank were filming the run. A number of the best " a.tills " from this film have been incorporated into an. ingenious little book or "...

Page 13 of June 1953 archive issue thumbnail Page 13, June 1953

Stable Information

The first issue of the new American Auto Sportsman contained an article on the secrets of the Mercedes-Benz racing department, where they claimed to have taken the first photographs in 20 years. Facts about the 300SL, revealed in this feature by Kurt Wörner are that in spite of o.h. camshaft valve gear the valves are vertical, closed by springs of 144 lb. pressure, the seven main bearing caps are...

Page 31 of January 1935 archive issue thumbnail Page 31, January 1935

Continental Notes and News

Continental Notes and News By HAROLD NOCKOLDS. Mystery Man. DURINC; the winter months one can only write about the plans of drivers with extreme caution. After a spate of reports and counterreport's it is finally announced that So-and-So has signed a contract with Such-and-Such a Stable. Splendid ! we say, and a paragraph to that effect is immediately dispatched to the printer. The day after the...

Page 28 of April 1933 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, April 1933


ABOLISHING THE GREASE GUN ANOTHER LINK IN THE CHAIN OF "TROUBLE-FREE MOTORING" FORGED BY THE CASTROL " LUBREQUIPMENT " SERVICE. (1.N1L by one the old bug-bears of motoring are being removed. Self1.-1 changing gear-boxes, finger-light controls, and general ease of maintenance has resulted in motoring of such reliability and freedom from worry that the average motorist now gives little more thought...

Page 36 of July 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 36, July 1959

Motoring Books for Summer Reading

"The Vintage Motor Car Pocketbook." Compiled by Cecil Clutton, Paul Bird and Anthony Harding. 256 pp. 5⅝ in. by 41/8 in. (B. T. Batsford Ltd., 4, Fitzhardinge Street, London, W.1. 8s. 6d.) There is no end, it seems, to the books that pour from the presses about vintage cars, but this little reference work is the greatest fun. Indeed, it is more likely to be used for pleasant browsing than for...

Page 10 of January 1954 archive issue thumbnail Page 10, January 1954


The committee of the British Racing Drivers' Club has awarded the John Cobb Memorial Trophy to Mr. E. I. Appleyard. This magnificent trophy was presented recently to the club by the Vacuum Oil Co. Ltd. for award from time to time, but not more than once in any one calendar year, to a driver of British nationality who, driving a car of British manufacture, has achieved a success or successes of an...

Page 18 of November 1959 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, November 1959

Printers' Error

Our printers sometimes take it upon themselves for some reason to presume to know more about motoring than the editorial staff, and sometimes even to know more about our advertisers' products than the advertisers themselves. In last month's issue we published an advertisement for Valspar, the 2-4 hour lacquer. Unfortunately our printers decided that no lacquer could dry in under four hours so...

Page 17 of February 1932 archive issue thumbnail Page 17, February 1932


THE COLMORE TRIAL. THE Colmore Trial which was instituted in 1911 by the Sutton Coldfield and North Birmingham Automobile Club (Sunbac) will be run this year on the 13th of this month. The start will be from the Unicorn Hotel, Stratford-on-Avon, and the route will be about 90 miles. The event is open to members of clubs associated with the R.A.C., and (in. the case of three-wheelers and...

Page 44 of March 1931 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 1931


ITEMS OF INTER1-4,ST FROM VARIOUS SOURCES Diesel Car at Daytona. a private cable to Messrs. C. C. Wakefield & Co. Ltd., Mr. C. L. Cummins, the well-known American engineers announces that in the course of a trial officially observed by the Contest Board of the American Automobile Association his Diesel-engined car established a record for this type of vehicle of 100.75 m.p.h. This remarkable...



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