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Page 26 of July 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1986


A regular reflective look at significant aspects of today's motor and sporting life that are not always appreciated... The unfortunate spate of 1986 rallying accidents seems to have sealed the fate of the most powerful and fractionally efficient rally cars the World has ever seen. Victims of their own spectacular speed, the most powerful international Group B cars are to be exiled from the close...

Page 144 of March 2013 archive issue thumbnail Page 144, March 2013

Cooper that was shakin', not stirred

From the sublime to the ahem not quite so stupendous, I have just fallen heir to a fascinating little cache of early Cooper photographs. Among them are some shots of one of John and Charlie Cooper's most obscure little prototypes, the 1949-50 Cooper-Sunbeam. One day late in 1949 a Major Barker had contacted Cooper in Surbiton. He was PA to Sir Bernard Docker, then chairman of BSA, Daimler, Hooper...

Page 58 of November 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 2012

Lunch with... Ron Dennis

Ambition, focus and an abiding passion for detail has helped the McLaren Group’s executive chairman build a high-tech empire that extends far beyond racing By Simon Taylor Where better to have lunch with Ron Dennis CBE than in the McLaren Technology Centre, which houses most of the companies in the McLaren Group and over 2000 staff, including the F1 team. Curling futuristically around an...

Page 42 of May 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 42, May 2006

Team building

An F1 team boss who'd give you a lift home? Michael Scarlett worked at Brabham and recalls the friendly atmosphere My spell with Brabham, at the time when Jack started building racing cars, came about after mechanical and production engineering training on a student apprenticeship at Hawker Aircraft in Kingston, Surrey, and HND studies at Kingston Technical College. At the end of the usual five...

Page 132 of April 2012 archive issue thumbnail Page 132, April 2012

'Mick' Hawthorn hits the headlines

That’s what the papers at first called the blond kid from Farnham when he swapped a pre-war Riley for one of Cooper’s latest single-seaters and began to make waves This year marks the 50th anniversary of Graham Hill’s Formula 1 World Championship title win in the determinedly all-British BRM. It also sees the 50th anniversary of Jim Clark’s first World Championship-qualifying Grand Prix wins in...

Page 60 of September 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 60, September 2003

Variety: the life of Spice

  From Le Mans to wild hillclimbs in Barbados, Gordon Spice spent 25 years racing for the love of it. But he also had an uncanny knack of combining fun with victories. By Tim Scott British motorsport has rarely seen domination like it. Through the late 1970s and into the dawn of the '80s the flaming red Capri, being hustled with armfuls of lock, was a fixture at the front of the British Saloon...

Page 140 of June 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 140, June 2008

Doug Nye

Paperwork that is a joy The race records of teams like Cooper Cars are as good as any photograph when it comes to providing a fascinating look at the Grands Prix of yesterday I couldn’t help but think as I watched the Bahrain Grand Prix run on an expanse of asphalt and sand rendering the TV images as dull as the tedious non-race itself, how much charm has been squeezed out of modern sport. I...


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