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Page 14 of June 1955 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, June 1955

Stirling Moss in the Mille Miglia

On May 1st motor-racing history was made, for Stirling Moss won the 1,000-mile Mile Miglia, the first time in twenty-two years that this has been achieved by a British driver, and I had the very great privilege of sitting beside him throughout this epic drive. But let us go back to the beginning, for this win was not a fluke on the spur of the moment, it was the result of weeks, even months, of...

Page 28 of November 1978 archive issue thumbnail Page 28, November 1978

Motor Show Review

(NEC, October 18th) So, the Cavalcade concluded - incidentally, the Midland Motor Museum ran Wright's 1951 Frazer Nash in it as well as their Mercedes-Benz - my next task was to go to the NEC Motor Show, in satisfactorily multi-cylinder style in the glass-roofed Editorial Rover 3500 (it has recently been Skyported, of which more next month). A press ticket did not enable one to park very near the...

Page 50 of February 1980 archive issue thumbnail Page 50, February 1980

Three-Pointed Star

"Three-Pointed Star", David Scott-Moncrieff's story of Benz, Mercedes and Mercedes-Benz, which Cassell published in 1955, has been issued in a revised edition by Gentry Books Ltd., 16 Regency Street, London SW1, at £14.95. Many new pictures from the Daimler-Benz archives have been included in the latest edition, which takes the history of Mercedes and Benz to the present day, although the story...

Page 55 of August 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 55, August 1979

A Daimler Item

Brian Smith, author of that definitive Daimler history and that great study of the Royal Daimlers, kindly sent me a photostat of a booklet called "Hints on Driving", which was issued by the Daimler Company Ltd. ("By Appointment") in, I would think, the middle of the vintage period. It was written obviously with Daimler publicity in mind, yet does not exactly mince matters about the difficulties a...

Page 41 of December 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 41, December 2014

Penske targets Aussie V8 Series

Gordon Kirby As history proves, it’s very difficult to stay on top over a sustained period of time in motor racing. Few teams last many years, in fact, and even the most established and well financed endure weak periods. We’re seeing it these days with Ferrari and McLaren in Formula 1, and Roush-Fenway, Richard Childress and Richard Petty Motorsports in NASCAR. Yet Team Penske continues to roll...

Page 56 of April 1979 archive issue thumbnail Page 56, April 1979

The new series III Jaguars and Daimlers

Although it is eleven years since the XJ6 was introduced, the Jaguar/Daimler model range remains unsurpassed in its combination of ride comfort, suppression of road, suspension and wind noise and roadholding. How could Bob Knight and his team of engineers improve on this near perfection? The answer has been to make the coachwork itself more refined whilst leaving the chassis practically unchanged...

Page 57 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, September 1963

Vintage Miscellany

A 1904 single-cylinder Rover, with a channel-section chassis having very thin dumb-irons, awaits restoration in Wales, where a 1927 Morris-Cowley 2-seater and a 1930/32 Austin 12/4 saloon are derelict. Michael Sedgwick, Curator of the Montagu Motor Museum, has bought a 1934 Tipo 518L Fiat Ardita with a Steyr-Daimler-Puch cabriolet body. He wonders if any other Arditas are around? The Charles...

Page 57 of September 1963 archive issue thumbnail Page 57, September 1963

"Give them a big hand"

The Bean C.C., no matter how small its own membership, has a happy knack of enticing an excellent entry to its meetings. Its Second Summer Rally at Bracknell Sports Stadium on July 21st had something like 90 entries of veteran to p.v.t. cars if historic commercials and vintage motorcycles are included. The event had some unusual items—the excellent grass arena was not open to the public until...

Page 18 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 18, January 1967

Vintage Postbag

Twin o.h.c. Sir, May I be allowed to correct Mr. Anthony Blight's totally erroneous remark that " in 1930 twin overhead camshafts were a barbaric necessity . . . and wholly unsuitable for commercial production." Three cars come immediately to mind which used twin overhead camshafts in this period and which could certainly not be described as " mechanical abortions "; the " 1750 " Alfa Romeo, the...

Page 35 of January 1967 archive issue thumbnail Page 35, January 1967

Cars in books

Last October I referred in this series to "En Route" in which Roy Trevor described three significant Continental tours undertaken in Edwardian times in a 70 h.p. Mercedes. In concluding, I mentioned that the author was contemplating a further tour and wondered whether it had formed the subject of another book. Stanley Sedgwick, President of the Bentley D.C., provided the answer, when he lent me "...



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