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Page 66 of June 2014 archive issue thumbnail Page 66, June 2014

Maserati Ghibli

A pointer to the future, but needs sharpening It’s taken a while for the penny to drop, but Maserati’s bosses at Fiat now recognise the company couldn’t credibly continue as an ultra-low volume manufacturer of charming but expensive, often infuriatingly flawed coupés and saloons. The name is one of the least polluted of all automotive brands, having been left untainted by the image of the outside...

Page 12 of May 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, May 1999

Modern Times

Now the new Formula One season is properly up and running, the fortnightly rhythm of real racing is gradually overwhelming the political issues that filled so many column inches during the winter. But the subtexts will still be there: Bernie Ecclestone remains determined to amend the financial structure of Formula One, with or without the participation of traditional City institutions, and...

Page 16 of May 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 16, May 2004

Merc heritage centre is go

The Mercedes-Benz heritage and Technology Centre proposed to be built at Brooklands has been granted planning permission. Geoff Brady of Mercedes' parent company Daimler-Chrysler said: "Being granted planning permission is a significant milestone for our Brooldands plans. It secures our vision of creating the Centre, and brings wide-ranging benefits to this historic site and to the local...

Page 12 of February 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, February 2002

Modern times

In the tight-kint, suspicious world of Formula One, it's not easy to keep a secret. Just like the unlovely beargarden of modern party politics, there's usually someone with an axe to grind who is ready to betray a confidence. Gossip precedes most things that happen (as well as many things that don't), and rarely is one completely surprised by a piece of news. Which is why the BAR reshuffle came...

Page 23 of January 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 23, January 2000

Aeroquip Hose

Now a generic and used in almost all racing cars, Aeroquip Hose started live in US Warplanes. Keith Howard looks at its brilliant and much copied design photography by Charles Best You know a company has created, or at the very least cornered, a market when its trade name is bandied about as a generic. It most famously happened to Hoover, of course, but for motorsport aficionados there are other...

Page 5 of December 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 5, December 2002


The New York Yankees have bought Lord's. The world's most successful baseball club insists that it will make no fundamental changes to the spiritual home of cricket other than to make its playing area triangular. I jest, of course. One of the Crown Jewels of British sport, Lord's is not for sale. And nor is Wimbledon. Sure, you can put your name alongside them for a nice round fee, but you can't...

Page 14 of November 2000 archive issue thumbnail Page 14, November 2000

Letters from Readers

Fascinating restorer stories Sir, I am writing to thank you for your splendid series 'The Classic Restorers'. I began following vintage and classic racing some 20 years ago when I went to live near Silverstone, and became so fascinated with the machinery that I often spend a whole meeting wandering around the paddock examining the cam rather than watching the racing. I often used to wonder who...

Page 58 of November 1999 archive issue thumbnail Page 58, November 1999

Storm Warning

Storm Warning ANDREW FRANKEL RECKONS THIS BMW MS IS THE FINEST SALOON HE HAS DRIVEN. HE ALSO CANNOT RECALL ANOTHER MORE LIKELY TO CHALLENGE YOUR GRASP ON YOUR LICENCE A WHILE AGO I WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO SPEND SOME TIME LEARNING about a curious philosophical theory. My recollection of this odd and abstract phenomenon is more than a little hazy so, please, if you happen to be an authority on the...

Page 4 of February 2003 archive issue thumbnail Page 4, February 2003

Matters of moment

Brooklands revamp awaits green light DaimlerChrysler's plans to purchase a 150-acre chunk of Brooklands are on hold as Elmbridge Borough Council ponders the viability and implications of such a move. The company has put forward £5m for the plot of land, on condition that plans for a Mercedes-Benz Heritage and Technology Centre are approved. The council has decided to give this process 16 weeks of...

Page 6 of December 2002 archive issue thumbnail Page 6, December 2002

Mercedes-Benz to revamp Brooklands...

DaimlerChrysler is on the verge of buying Brooklands. The asking price for the 150-acre spiritual home of British motorsport? Just over £5 million. The UK arm of the German automotive giant hopes to turn the land into a Mercedes 'brand centre', complete with a Heritage and Technology Centre, but has also given assurances that it will preserve the site's 'rich history'. The three-year project,...



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