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Page 44 of May 1992 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, May 1992

Simply the best?

May 1986: we were privileged to be at the Sardinian launch of a motor car that changed the results sheets of World Championship rallying, and proved to be remarkably able and practical on the road. At the time, Lancia only expected to make 3000 Delta 4x4s, but when news came through of the abolition of Group B as the formula for World Championship events in 1987, Lancia swiftly (in mid press...

Page 12 of April 1988 archive issue thumbnail Page 12, April 1988

World Rally Championship: Portuguese Rally

No more stage fright Sitting before the start of the Portuguese Rally at the event's headquarters in Cascais, the fishing port and tourist resort some twenty miles west of Lisbon, we overheard the remark that "times have changed". Several other visitors spoke up in agreement, and we wondered what had prompted this nostalgia, for such expressions usually imply regret at the passing of some popular...

Page 44 of March 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 44, March 2006

Martini, Tarquini and Ninni

Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Fiat all owe Ninni Russo a great debt and he's still going strong. He talks to John Davenport To have seven World Rally Manufacturer titles on your CV of which six were in consecutive years is a pretty powerful indication that as a rally manager you know what you're doing. When you also have a British Touring Car title, then versatility creeps into the equation. Today,...

Page 24 of August 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 24, August 1986


Last month we contemplated the likelihood of further high performance developments reaching the public from the abruptly curtailed careers of the Group B rally "supercars." The most important development strand has been that of all-wheel-drive. Now J.W. looks at some popular commercially available systems and a few lessons taught by their competition counterparts. The British public is now...

Page 29 of November 1984 archive issue thumbnail Page 29, November 1984

N.E.C. SHOW A Sporting Occasion

N.E.C. SHOW A Sporting Occasion THE overwhelming impression received from this year's NEC Motor Show is that we are firmly back to a time when almost every manufacturer is leading his range with cars designed for sporting motoring. Even when a maker's range contains no car with obvious sporting attributes, there is no lack of companies on hand to provide uprates and some of these, approved by the...

Page 86 of May 2004 archive issue thumbnail Page 86, May 2004

Sunny side down

Nissan spent a fortune on its four-wheel-drive Group A rally machine. Neat, compact and bristling with gizmos... it flopped. John Davenport tells why the Sunny couldn't stand the heat When the Group B dinosaurs disappeared overnight in 1986 there were few four-wheel-drive GpA cars around to fill the evolutionary gap. Lancia, like the magician it was, produced the Delta HF and was away on a five-...

Page 26 of July 1986 archive issue thumbnail Page 26, July 1986


A regular reflective look at significant aspects of today's motor and sporting life that are not always appreciated... The unfortunate spate of 1986 rallying accidents seems to have sealed the fate of the most powerful and fractionally efficient rally cars the World has ever seen. Victims of their own spectacular speed, the most powerful international Group B cars are to be exiled from the close...

Page 102 of April 2008 archive issue thumbnail Page 102, April 2008

What in the world is going on?

By John Davenport. The 1990s boom years of the World Rally Championship have become a distant memory. Some say it has lost its way, with one dominant driver, rules confusion and media apathy As it celebrates its 35th birthday, the World Rally Championship appears to some observers to be in crisis, while to others it is the epitome of 21st- Century motor sport. Where does the truth lie? What are...

Page 25 of May 1987 archive issue thumbnail Page 25, May 1987

Rally review: Portuguese Rally

Group A shows its fragility The Monte Carlo and Swedish rallies, first two rounds of the 1987 World Rally Championship, gave a clear demonstration of at least one effect of the prohibition of Group B cars and the switch to Group A by teams making serious bids for the championship. The drastic reduction in power and the increase in weight made cars visibly slower, Which was only to be expected,...

Page 92 of December 2006 archive issue thumbnail Page 92, December 2006

Lancia Delta HF Integrale

In the first in a new regular series for Motor Sport, we drive one of Lancia's legendary Deltas on the road and take a look at its competition heritage Words: Rickard Heseltine. Photography: Ian Dawson Stealthily, and by degrees, it morphed out of all recognition, an innocuous shopping kart performing a supercar cover version. The Lancia Delta HF Integrale — rally colossus — came, saw and...



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